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Sometimes you have to stop focusing on all the crap in this world and appreciate its beauty and serenity. This photo was taken 3000 meters up on the top of Mt Emei in Sichuan Province China in 2007.

Take the Mote out of YOUR eye

I’ve been publishing ‘Looking at the NEWS’ on a Friday but this week I am doing something different. Not only is the publishing day changed, but the way in which I present the NEWS. Let’s start with this:


There’s a chance he’s [Munchkin Jerry Maren aged 98] been thrown under the bus by a book publisher flogging a book by a dead man talking about his ex-wife. (Claims that Wizard of Oz munchkins molested Judy Garland deserve a response by Gary Nunn)

I often wonder how many times society is deliberately dragged by the nose into social upheaval because someone somewhere can profit by it. And speaking of profit –


You just have to wonder who is profiting by the on-on-on-ongoing investigation into how Trump managed to win the Presidency. It now appears that it was Stormy Daniels who held the key to Trump’s success.

The FBI raided the Manhattan office of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, acting on a tip from the special counsel Robert Mueller. The agency took records related to several topics, including the $US130,000 ($168,889 AUD) hush money payment to adult star Stormy Daniels just prior to the 2016 presidential election. Federal prosecutors obtained a search warrant after Mueller sent a referral, Cohen’s lawyer Stephen Ryan said.

MAKE ‘EM PAY – says Trump:

Stupid Donald Trump has gone and done it again. He has decided to stop the Chinese from selling their goods at lower prices than local American products.

Got news for you folks! He’s not stupid!

He’s smarter than all those companies now complaining that they will be affected by Chinese retaliation. Donald Trump knows something of which most Americans appear to be unaware, which is, that the Chinese government underwrites most exports so that they will sell lower than foreign-domestic markets. The long term strategy of this plan is to destroy the manufacturing capability of countries which buy the less expensive Chinese goods so that on a future day China will own the monopoly on manufacturing and charge whatever it likes for the goods.

Americans also don’t understand why the Chinese Renminbi stands so weak against the US Dollar. The answer is simple. There is a day coming when all Chinese citizens will see their savings jump in value from US$1 for every seven yuan that they own, to US$7 for every seven yuan they own. Their one to five million yuan apartments will jump in value from US$140,000 – US$700,000 to US$1-5 million. Neat Trick! Western people really are not bright!


Jakarta is sinking by 25cm per year; the result of a city with a concrete floor that does not allow rainwater to seep into the ground and refill aquifers. The two lessons to be learned from this are that people (town planners and scientists) are not that smart and that ‘climate change’ is not to be blamed for every disaster that befalls us.

As one with an interest in ancient history and archaeology I can tell you that in the last 2,000 years scores of coastal cities have disappeared under the sea and shock of all horrors, they didn’t disappear because of the effects of the industrial revolution.

I for one get tired of all the BS about Climate Change. People who constantly go on about it completely ignore the details in varieties of articles related to various issues that also cause natural disasters; issues such as the known and recognized cyclical weather temperature patterns. It is known that we are in the warm period now.

It is actually amazing when you read articles about archaeological finds to discover tidbits of information in relation to rising sea levels, solar activity and geological activity which provide a different perspective than that touted by the Climate Change alarmists.

The ‘Climate Change’ that the majority of the population cry over is nothing more than a political agenda designed to justify higher taxes. It’s another ‘just cause’ embarked upon by jet setting political activists being paid to protect the environment scare the crap out of people.


I read of a woman recently who sued her ex-live-in lover for a share of his property. Not surprisingly she won. She was after all his lover. Until recently – in Australia at least – two men living with each other would not have been able to initiate such a lawsuit, but now that Australia recognizes gay marriage, we are going to see a lot of these suits – perhaps even involving men who were never lovers in the first place.

They wanted it – they got it – and they will soon be paying for it! And it was a foregone conclusion that the political agitators just could not see – or would not admit to.


I occasionally have people – usually Americans and often Conservatives – tell me that I am an idiot, but with a 14 year collection of thousands of articles that I have written, I am able to go back from time to time and read the things I wrote. In fact not long after I got this new site running I posted 10 articles titled Reviewing My Opinionated Past to demonstrate that I had not changed my views despite my advancing age.

In 2009 in particular, I wrote an article about The Future Islamofacist State of Egypt in which I wrote the following:

So What Does the Future Hold for Egypt?

It is very difficult to know what will happen in Egypt’s near future except that everything is about to change. The most certain event will be President Hosni Mubarak’s death, but what will happen then is anyone’s guess. It seems to me however that the possibilities are limited.

1. The Status Quo will remain – not the best scenario given the complaints mentioned in this article

2. Egypt will be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood or something similar and turn into a rigid, rabid war mongering fundamentalist Islamic state.

3. Someone strong, powerful and commanding will take the helm and, resisting all influences and pressures, will reject both fundamentalism in both its religious and political forms, and carve out for Egypt a place in the modern world.

What is interesting is that I was spot on with Points 2 and 3 and Egypt is now under the helm of a strong and powerful man whom the western media are now trying to demonize. Caroline Glick recently wrote about him in “Egypt’s President Sisi is irreplacable” saying:

…if Sisi stays the course, and continues to enjoy the support of the Saudis, the US, Israel, Europe, and others, he may survive long enough to make significant changes in Egyptian society. Unlike President Barack Obama, who supported Morsi even as millions of Egyptians took to the streets throughout Egypt to overthrow him, President Donald Trump has been outspoken in his support for Sisi.

If it is to happen, Sisi’s success in rescuing and transforming Egypt won’t be pretty. Coaxing and pushing Egypt into the 21st century culturally, educationally, and economically cannot be done without pushing the scales in favor of certain forces and against others.

But the world has a stake in Sisi’s success.

It is really easy to call people stupid, just as it is easy to call a social prophet wrong, but it is always time that proves the point. If you have ever watched those videos of Trump making his ridiculous racist and xenophobic rants and then watched Obama and Clinton making the same points, then you realize that you can’t trust politicians because they change their tunes as soon as it profits them to do so.


Australian footballer and Christian Israel Folau who wrote on Instagram that gay people are destined for hell, has, unlike so many politicians, refused so far to compromise his beliefs. The leftist world doesn’t like Christian beliefs or free speech unless it supports the leftist agenda. If you want to see what the agenda of the left actually is, go to this report to the American Congress dated Thursday January 10, 1963 and look to the far right column and the caption ‘Current Communist Goals.’ Particularly note Point 15.


To fully understand the depths of hypocrisy practiced by the left, you really need to experience it or see the hypocrisy in action. I see and hear the hypocrisy constantly, but that is only because I lived for 15 years in Communist China and I am extremely aware of the way China is portrayed in western press. That press does not see the similarity of action and beliefs that exists in leftist ideological thought and practice in the west.

Peter Hartcher of the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) on April 9th 2018 published an article titled “The woman China wants you to ignore.” Reading this article it is very easy to get riled up about China, and your anger would be justified, BUT, I don’t want you to look at China’s actions, I want you to see that the same reprehensible totalitarianism exists in politically correct, progressive-liberal western society.

Here are some relevant points:

Rebiya Kadeer – Uighur minority – lives in exile in America accused by the Chinese government of sedition for championing Uighur rights.

The Chinese authorities may be pioneering a new totalitarianism,..

“It’s a mix of the North Korean aspiration for total control of thought and action,”…

When she visited Australia in 2009, ..The Chinese government was filthy with Canberra for granting her a visa. Beijing opposed her visit,..

Chinese officials tried to silence her – they demanded that the National Press Club cancel her appearance and tried to force the Melbourne International Film Festival to cancel the screening of a documentary about her life.

Australia’s government and Australian civil society stood up to the Chinese Communist Party’s bullying.


“I believe they are all frightened of China,”

The Chinese Communist Party tries to smear the Uighurs as all terrorists, says Danby, as a pretext for repressing them

“Their ancient culture and history seems to be being trashed like the Tibetans’, against a Chinese constitution that guarantees minority rights.

Note the points:

Total control of thought and action
Officials try to silence opposition
Try to influence and control the Press
Try to stop any positive information
Society which once stood up to the bullying
Now frightened of the bully
Smear campaigns
Trashing culture and history
Ignoring of citizen rights

Every single day citizen rights are trampled upon as various leftist political factions seek to repress and remove ancient culture and history in the west. In order to achieve this, people who will not submit but stand up to the bullying are subjected to all manner of pressure to silence them.

In order for certain leftist political agendas to succeed, the general population must have its thoughts, words and deeds modified and controlled. If they cannot be controlled, then they must be punished and imprisoned or sent into exile.

Next time you read about suppression of Christianity in China, stop and think about how Christianity is suppressed in the West.

Next time you read how Chinese women are forced to have abortions because they have not obeyed state rules on the number of children they can have, stop and think how people in the west are punished when they do not support abortion, or do not agree with gay marriage, or do not agree with pornography, drinking, gambling or a host of other things which the government says is OK.

Next time you read about a dissident in China being imprisoned and read of demands from the west that they be liberated, stop and think how dissidents against progressive-liberal agendas in the west are treated.

Next time you read about bullying in China, stop and think about bullying from leftist political activists at home.

I lived in China for almost 15 years and during that time I spoke with many people about their lives and the effects of the Cultural Revolution. China eventually changed and the ordinary citizen is now not interested in telling others what to do and how to live and they do expect to be treated the same way by others. They live in a society that looks after their family, works hard to increase wealth, and irrespective of how bad their government gets, they love their country and their culture above all else.

I believe that at the most fundamental level, democracy can only exist when citizens have the right to think, say and do whatever their conscience allows, as long as it does not deny their neighbors the same right or result in societal chaos. Democracy cannot exist where there is no respect for difference, or where conformity to a particular ideology is required. Chapter 31 of Finding Myself in China

People who constantly look at problems only ever see problems. They become very sad, angry, unhappy and depressed people. You cannot legislate away all evil and all problems. TAKE SOME TIME OUT to explore the beauty of life. Just pick a direction and go take a look.

Political-correctness resembles a surgeon, who focuses on the spot of the surgery, ignoring the complex medical history of the entire body and its bearing upon the surgery. (Ambassador Yoram Ettinger)

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