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List of Writer’s Columns at KingsCalendar
New Writers are always welcome

The following is a list of all column pages for all writers past and present on both the old site and the new irrespective of whether they currently publish in the NEW Writer’s Journal or not.

2016 – 2018 Writers (Regularly or Irregularly) at KingsCalendar

R.P. BenDedek Social Commentaries KingsCalendar 2016-2018

R.P. BenDedek 2016/2017 at iPatriot.com
Finding Myself in China Excerpts and Special Photo Files
R.P. BenDedek 2016/2017 Stories from China
R.P. BenDedek 2004-2015 Stories From China

John Anthony Sustainable Freedom Lab Column Writer’s Journal

Ambassador Yoram Ettinger’s Column – Israel/USA (2016-2017)

Ambassador Ettinger (Pre-2016)

M.M. Justine Author Global Affairs

Michael Moffitt – Author – American Politics/Economy

Jim Fabiano Humor

Israeli Sovereignty Courtesy of Women In Green – New Site

Supporting Israeli Sovereignty – Various Social Commentaries Pre 2016

The Shamrak Report in the Writer’s Journal KingsCalendar (2016-2017)

Steven Shamrak’s Shamrak Report – Israel (Pre-2016)

Tom DeWeese Writers Journal Kingscalendar – Agenda 21 American Policy Center – 2016/2017

Tom DeWeese Articles (Pre-2016)

Ed Feulner – American Politics

Jim Kouri Writers Journal Column Kingscalendar – 2016/2017

Jim Kouri – Law/Society – 2015

Writers – Pre 2016 – OR – Not Currently Publishing at Kingscalendar

M. Stevens-David – Book Reviews (2016 New Site)

M. Stevens-David – Stories of Life in Maine (Pre-2016 Old Site)

Milt Gross 2016 ‘Down the Road a Piece Column’

Milt Gross – Book Reviews (2016 New Site)
Milt Gross – Maine Stories (pre-2016 Old Site)

Chiara Braccagni – China Italian & English
Doug Wrenn – America
Dr. Tony Keys – Leadership/Christian
Ed Farnan – USA/Society
J. Grant Swank – Religion & USA
Jerrold L. Sobel – Israel
John J. Walsh – Catholic Viewpoints
Juan Cervantes/T.D. Polo-Sanchez – Life in China
Kenneth Tellis – Canada/Racism
M. W. Johnson – Christianity/Book Reviews
Michael Devolin – Israel
Tim Siggia – USA Society
Wm. B. Fankboner – USA Society
Laure McCourt Lopez – Book Reviews/Author Interviews
Patrick J. Fornari – Society/USA
Bilal Racheha Muslim Articles

Author: R.P. BenDedek

Born in 1953 in Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia, R.P. BenDedek (pseudonym) is a divorced father of five who has been living and working in The People's Republic of China (Mainland China) since 2003. He is currently (2016) working in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

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