Laure McCourt Lopez Review: “Discovering God’s Power In Life’s Trials” by Dr. John Tweedie


Discovering God's Power In Life's Trials by Dr. John Tweedie

When I was a little girl visiting my Irish grandparents, to stave off boredom from the lengthy conversations shared by the adults in their living room on a lazy sociable afternoon, I would gaze into a painting that hung above their sofa and dreamily wander a path that was depicted in muted shades of greens and yellows. The vision of a winding walkway through a forest glen was engaging to me and it offered a form of escape and intrigue, while offering a query as to the final destination at the end of the trail. Interestingly enough, a similar locale adorns the front cover of “Discovering God’s Power in Life’s Trials, Walking with the Prophets.” One will quickly realize that we are all travelers upon life’s road, seeking direction, discernment and refreshment. The author, Rev. Dr. John Tweedie, invites his reading audience to embark upon a journey of faith and discovery while contemplating the lives of the Hebrew Prophets and Christian Apostles who often faced “the same challenges and emotional struggles common to all of us. In fact, readers will quickly discover that there is much to be learned from these servants and their individual walks with God as He enabled them to cope with-and overcome-their damaged emotions.”

In this book, the full gamut of human struggle is arrayed yet guideposts of hope and achievement are marked along the sojourner’s way. Each chapter focuses on either a prophet or apostle and a particular struggle that challenged him in life and discussion of how growth came through adversity. Inadequacy, fear, loneliness, disappointment and grief are just some of the topics touched upon; at the end of each chapter, Dr. Tweedie includes scripture references and a series of contemplative queries of self-examination for the reader.

The author writes in his Epilogue, “The motivation for this book came from many years of pastoral service and from the realization that the world is full of wounded people with damaged emotions….The truth is that those who walk with God may struggle more than those who do not. This seems to be God’s way of refining His servants so they can be of even greater service to Him.” God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary purposes.

I must admit that on my own spiritual walk that I have long gravitated to the New Testament readings, believing that these teachings applied more to the modern Christian. However, after reading Dr. Tweedie’s book, I have come to realize that there is great wisdom woven throughout the Old Testament and is just as germane to the modern Christian as its counterpart.

While written as a stand-alone book, there is a companion television series, “The Prophetic Connection: Walking with the Prophets,” available on many Christian networks. Each chapter in the book has an episode devoted to the same material. Beautifully and thoughtfully produced, the television series is a fine accompaniment to the book. This sojourner is most grateful to Dr. Tweedie for providing inspiring direction and insight along the path through life’s forest glen.

Laure McCourt Lopez

Dr. John Tweedie was born in Northern Ireland but immigrated to Canada in 1967. He was ordained to the Christian ministry in 1980. He has served congregations in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. He is also is the Founding Pastor of New Covenant Christian Fellowship in Brantford, Ontario. In 1997, Dr. Tweedie helped to establish the Canadian branch office of Christians for Israel. He continues to serve as its Chairman. In 2012, C4I America was established with Dr. Tweedie serving as President and CEO. Dr. Tweedie continues to share his love for Israel and the Jewish people through his work on the television program Israel: The Prophetic Connection, and through other documentary series and writings. For more information regarding C4I and to follow further teachings and updates from Dr. John Tweedie, go to

Discovering God’s Power In Life’s Trials
by Dr. John Tweedie
Published by C4i
Published March 2015
123 pages
Softcover $19.95




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