Kings of the Ancient Near East from 934 to 522 BC


This page contains a short reference file for students of ancient history. It contains the names and dates of Babylonian and Assyrian kings dating from 934 BC with Ashurdan II King of Assyria and ending with 522 BC Darius King of Babylon.

This list originally formed ‘Section Two’ of an article titled: Kings of Assyria, Babylon and Israel 607 – 595 BC which was concerned with synchronizing the reigns of the kings of Assyria, Babylon and Israel. The purpose of that file was to provide the reader with an historical timeline within which to compare the activities and reigns of the King’s of Judah and Babylon.

The original article was divided into two sections with the first section concerned with the reigns of Nabopolassar and Nebuchadrezzar Kings of Babylon and with Josiah and Jehoiakim Kings of Judah. Section One contains Historical Dates that are specifically pertinent to the reigns of Josiah King of Judah, Jehoiakim King of Judah, and Nebuchadrezzar King of Babylon.

Kings of Assyria and Babylon: 934 – 522 BC

934-912 BC – Ashurdan II – King of Assyria
911-891 BC – Adad Nerari – King of Assyria
891-884 BC – Tukulti Ninurta – King of Assyria
883-859 BC – Ashur Nasir Pal – King of Assyria
858-824 BC – Shalmaneser III – King of Assyria
824-811 BC – Shamshi Adad – King of Assyria
810-783 BC – Adad Nerari III – King of Assyria
782-773 BC – Shalmaneser IV – King of Assyria
772-754 BC – Ashurdan III – King of Assyria
754-745 BC – Ashur Nirari V – King of Assyria
745-727 BC – Tiglath-Pileser III – King of Assyria
727-722 BC – Shalmaneser V – King of Assyria
722-705 BC – Sargon II – King of Assyria
705-681 BC – Sennacherib – King of Assyria
681-669 BC – Esarhaddon – King of Assyria
668-626 BC – Ashurbanipal – King of Assyria
668-648 BC – Shamash Shumukin – King of Babylon
647-625 BC – Kandalanu – King of Babylon
(King’s Calendar Date is 646-625 BC)

625-605 BC – Nabopolassar – King of Babylon
(King’s Calendar date is 624-604 BC)

604-562 BC – Nebuchadrezzar II – King of Babylon
(King’s Calendar date is 603-562 BC)

561-559 BC – Evil Merodach (Amel Marduk) – King of Babylon
559-556 BC – Neri Glisser – King of Babylon
556-555 BC – Labashi Marduk – King of Babylon
555-538 BC – Narbonidus – King of Babylon
538-530 BC – Cyrus The Great – King of Babylon
530-522 BC – Cambyses – King of Babylon
522 BC – Darius – King of Babylon

Correct History of Ancient Israel
Correct History of Ancient Israel

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