Is Anybody Paying Attention? : Looking at the News No. 10

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My father told me to believe nothing of what I hear and only half of what I see because humans have a great capacity for self-deception. Today we know only too well how people only see what they want to see. This photo was taken from my kitchen window in Suzhou in 2012 on Chinese New Year. This is not a war zone. It just looks that way. You should see the video! CLICK THE PHOTO

Is Anybody Paying Attention?

I titled ‘Looking at the NEWS No. 9’ – Standing Against The Truth‘ because the focus was those in society who are opposed to truth. Today I want to draw attention to some articles that should be making people stand up and pay attention, but the reality is that most people have little ability to objectively research or any desire to listen to or read anything which does not support their ideological agenda. Nevertheless we must declare what we know even if nobody is paying attention.

Some weeks ago I drew attention to the August 14, 2017 article by Jake Anderson titled ‘New Google Search Censorship Appears to Be Worse Than Originally Feared‘ in which it was claimed that Google effectively operates to control the narrative and safeguard the establishment.

That article reinforced my own article about Google’s monopolizing interference in websites that do not involve themselves in advertising. Perhaps I should have paid more attention. Google are so punitive at the moment that my unique monthly hits dropped to an all time low equivalent to those within the first 18 months of online presence back in 2004. The hits have begun to rise again but it won’t be long before once again they take a massive dive as Google REMOVES titles from its search engine. People just do not pay attention to what is written about the abusive power of Comrade Google.

Another issue concerning which most people pay little attention – if they are even aware of it – is the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences.’ This little universal law often makes mush of our fantastically righteous ideologies. In Catalonia, Beersheba, The Ottomans, Tibetans and Palestinians which I published on October 30th. 2017, I pointed out that the whole issue of Catalan independence is a can of ideological worms for all of those whose hearts bleed for Palestinian Independence.

The British took the land from the Ottoman Turks and eventually divided it between Jews and Muslims. They either had that right or they did not!… The difference between Catalonia and Tibet on the one hand and the Palestinians on the other, is that neither Catalonia nor Tibet have called for, nor stated their desire for the destruction of Spain or China, whilst the Palestinians via their leaders in Hamas and Fatah have made it quite clear that there will never be peace with the Jews until every last one of them has been thrown into the sea.

The liberal-progressive love for and immediate defense of Muslims can be understood from several psychological perspectives but understanding how and why ideologues can effectively turn a blind eye to terrorism does not negate the need for the ordinary citizen to wake up, which is what Ambassador (Ret) Yoram Ettinger calls people to do in ‘Wake up America, Islamic terrorism targets you!

The NYC bicycle-path-terror was carried out by a member of the Islamic “pack of wolves” – not by a “lone wolf” – which has been systematically brainwashed and molded by the most effective production-line of Muslim terrorists: hate-education and incitement conducted by Islamic leaders, educators, social media and imams in mosques (and in US prisons!) in Muslim countries as well as in the US.

The Clarion Project also bought into the issue of the New York terrorism issue in an article on Nov 2, 2017 titled 3 Things About the NY Attack You Might Not Be Hearing in which they pointed out that 1. It Was Not a “Lone Wolf” Attack – 2. His Mosque Was Under Surveillance – 3.The Attack Was Based on Ideology

The need for such organizations to bring to our attention these little tidbits of information is because (as was pointed out in the second paragraph of this article) we really can’t trust those in whom we have invested so much trust. We have of course all learned not to trust the Media too much these days after the FAKE News fiasco, nevertheless we must be careful to note what is FAKE NEWS and what news is fake. Take this for example.

Tom Deweese of the American Policy Center in his article ‘How the Media Twists Facts To Enforce its Propaganda Bias‘ demonstrates how easily prejudiced journalists (agents such as Google is for the corporate giants) distort reality and otherwise misrepresent the truth in order to stop the general public from paying attention to those things concerning which we ought to be paying a great deal of attention. You actually need to read the article to appreciate how ‘truth’ is twisted by twisted people.

Some weeks ago I cited an article (Democratic Strategist: Trump Is On The Road To Re-Election by Matt Vespa Oct 11th 2017 at Townhall) in which it was stated that certain Democrat analysts are predicting that Donald Trump WILL WIN the next presidential election simply because the Democrats are not paying attention to reality. Einstein said that insane people are those who do the same thing the same way every day and yet expect a different result. Both Left and Right appear not to be paying attention to anything other than their hatred for Trump and if the Dems continue on their little path of doing the same thing day in and day out, it is quite obvious that they will alienate SANE Democrats.

On the other hand, Jonah Goldberg at on November 3rd  2017 in an article titled ‘Could It Be That Both Parties Are Doomed?‘ goes one step further and describes Democrats and Republicans as being like “two punch-drunk pugilists leaning on each other in the 12th round, if one falls, the other may well fall too.” In his estimation both left and right may collapse which in my not-so-humble opinion would leave the way open to something far worse than any sociopathic politician could imagine.

Politicians of course in addition to generally being sociopathic, often have a rather inflated sense of their own importance and power in the world, but as Georgette Walrath  reports (Conservative Daily Post Nov 2, 2017) many politicians in the United Nations have a delusional sense of their own importance.

“This Assembly Does Not Have The Power”: United Nations SLAMMED, Resolution Passe

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley blasted the General Assembly for trying to dictate American foreign policy… She also, quite boldly, told the assembly that they have absolutely no power over the United States, and the “political theater” was a waste of time.

Political delusion in not however restricted to the United Nations. Pathological hatred for Trump combined with rabid accusations of his collusion with Putin have not only failed to result in anything but handfuls of wispy smoke, but have actually done damage to the image of the attackers.

Asia Mayfield Conservative Daily Post in ‘Social Media Giants Reveal Insane Development As Russian Collusion In Doubt‘ reports:

The collusion narrative has now fallen apart….. Liberals want the collusion story to be true because they still can’t accept the fact that their golden girl lost to President Trump. If Trump “cheated” somehow, it would lessen the sting of Clinton’s defeat.

This whole affair might have been shorter had anyone actually been paying attention to the facts. When ideology and sociopathic needs take precedence over common sense, the final outcome is bound to be disastrous for someone.

While we are all aware of the disaster which recently struck New York, according to “He Did Nothing,” Muslim Leader Warned Liberal NY Mayor De Blasio BEFORE Incident (published at Conservative Daily Post on November 1st. by Allison Hillman) had New York’s Mayor been paying attention a local Muslim Imam, the recent act of terror might have been avoided and clearly indicates that it is the liberals who are putting everyone at risk. Is anyone paying attention?

Imam Tawhidi (Imam’s are religious leaders in the Muslim religion) stated that he warned the mayor that New York was becoming a dangerous place well before yesterday’s terror attack in the city…. The Muslim man went on to include many in his condemnation. He appears to believe that liberals who deny the existence of terrorism by Muslims are putting the entire world in danger… It is clear that Tawhidi is upset and many understand why. Terror attacks continue to happen while liberals are still denying that jihadists even exist. The Imam points out that everyone who shuts down conversation about the topic is only contributing to the problem.

[BenDedek Comment: These Liberal Idiots (including some of my own children) who shut down conversation because it offends their liberal-progressive ideology, are nothing more than Radical Islam’s Useful Idiots]

I know I am repeating a mantra here but the Democrats have not been paying attention to the ordinary/average ‘normal’ American citizen ever since they lost the presidential election. That loss should have been enough to wake them up but it didn’t. Have they yet learned their lesson? Are they still punch-drunk? Are they ready to get on with the business of building America? (Ye Gods! What an offensive remark to make – Building America! How racist! How xenophobic!)

Democrats Fail In Latest Trump Attack As Senate Issues Confirmation Notice Conservative Daily Post Nov 1, by Anthony Cesario

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump nominated Amy Barrett to the 7th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. She is a prominent lawyer, law professor and legal scholar who has previously suggested that Roe v. Wade, which essentially ruled that women have a constitutional right to get an abortion, was an “erroneous decision.” Barrett also called the Affordable Care Act’s birth control benefit “an assault on religious liberty.” Unsurprisingly, Barrett’s nomination upset countless people on the left. In response, many of them, including prominent Democrats like Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA), promptly engaged in a vicious campaign against her for essentially being a faithful Catholic and principled conservative. The Senate, nevertheless, largely ignored their ridiculous attacks and thankfully voted 55-43 this week to confirm her nomination.

In their fight against Trump the Democrats have consistently demonstrated to American citizens and indeed to the world at large that there is nothing lower than a foot stomping puerile sociopathic politician and despite everything they have pulled and all the mud that has been thrown, one can see by media reports that they are not paying attention to the true message coming from the ranks of those who support Donald Trump. And that message in a nutshell is, “We can no longer stand arrogant, angry, totalitarian, abusive, ideological dipsticks!”

With the fight against Trump’s personal character and hoped for criminal wrongdoing failing, Jacob Pramuk at CNBC (Oct 20, 2017) reported that Democratic Megadonor Tom Steyer launches Trump impeachment campaign.

Billionaire investor and Democratic backer Tom Steyer has launched a national campaign calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, only nine months into the president’s term… Steyer, 60, founded the hedge fund Farallon Capital before retiring in 2012. He then launched NextGen America, a political organization that supports liberal positions on climate change, immigration and health care, among other issues. Steyer has funneled millions of dollars into Democratic candidates and causes.

Are the Democrats paying attention? Can they not see how deep they are digging their own graves? Do they truly believe in what they say they believe? Do they really think that they can do a better job for America than any Republican? Do they really think that Trump is an idiot?

You may believe what you like about Trump, but the word idiot means someone who is not professionally trained and skilled at what they do. Trump may never have been a politician in the legal sense of the world, but he is certainly qualified to run rings around people whose primary qualification is self-importance. At least Trump has earned a right to feel self-important.

The problem is that too many people are caught up in feel good, virtue signaling political correctness and bleeding heart ideology, to stop and smell the roses. A good rose garden is full of horse shit! All those eager beavers who jumped on the liberal progressive NRL kneeling bandwagon are by now – maybe – understanding how idiotic they were and how little they listened to ordinary Americans.

“The NFL Has Hurt Us”: Massive Football Sponsor Pulls Out As Protests Rage Onwards November 1st by Sam Di Gangi

“The NFL has hurt us. We are disappointed the NFL and its leadership did not resolve this,” said Papa Johns founder and CEO John Schnatter while talking to ABC News. “Leadership starts at the top and this is an example of poor leadership.” The pizza king also spoke the words that countless fans have said when he added that this kneeling nonsense should have been “nipped in the bud” over a full year and a half ago. This move makes Papa Johns the largest business to cut ties with the league that seems to honor lies about white privilege more than playing football.

Have you ever wondered how Lenin came to power? or why the people followed Mao Zedong? For that matter have you ever wondered how the French Revolution began?

Most people get side tracked by the wrongdoings of monarchies but the reality is that revolutions are sparked by charismatic people who have an ability to emotionally motivate the common man. In essence, the charismatic leader uses the common, ordinary, ignorant, troubled individual who has some grievance against the established order.

In short, charismatic leaders use angry fools to do their bidding, and when the established order is overthrown, those same fools are cast down lest they rise up against the new leaders.

Liberal-progressive activists are just FOOLS TOOLS!

Ordinary Americans are NOT!

Is anyone paying attention?

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