If we have to have a dictator let it be Donald Trump By Jim Fabiano

I have to admit I was shocked. As I watched the news on TV I viewed a woman clearly state that she never thought she would say this but if we have to have a dictator let it be Donald Trump. Staring at the television I never heard the commentary or the beginnings of the next story. I just couldn’t believe I just heard what I heard. The audience wasn’t shocked. In fact, I heard a few of the people involved actually applaud her comment.

I guess now is the time for all to accuse me of being a leftist snowflake fool who hates Donald Trump. I write to many far right organizations that totally support our President. Many have asked me why I do this and I answer by stating why would anyone waste his or her time writing to people who agree with everything you say. The problem is I believe in Constitutional Law and fiscal responsibility. In other words, I agree with Republican views and Conservative issues. It is obvious to me that Republicanism no longer exists. The Trump Party does and as soon as everyone clearly understands this reality the better.

What does all this have to do with all of our futures? Actually, I am more concerned with the future of my daughter and grandchildren. I had a good life full of opportunities and success. Of course, I had a few failures and mistakes mixed in. I am concerned with their education. They are interested and interesting. Their enthusiasm makes me feel as though I had a few extra years left in my life. Understanding that the Trump people want to cut as much as possible from public education and hand it over to private profiteers concerns me. When I listened to Betsy DeVos again want to cut most education policies including ‘Special Olympics’ my heart grows very heavy. I am a retired teacher whose life observed all levels of my students try. Some need a bit of extra help and anyone or any power that wants to eliminate this help makes me a bit ill. Hell, it makes me very ill. I guess this defines the categorization of being a snowflake.

I clearly understand there is an immigration policy in our nation. I also clearly understand who immigrants are. They are not murderers and drug dealers. They are people who want a better life for themselves and their family. It wasn’t so different a hundred years ago. The Irish and the Italians came to our country for the same reasons. The people who were already here also did not like these people attacking our nation. The Irish drank too much and the Italians were called ‘WOPS’ because they were without papers. I have to admit seeing children in fenced cages also make me very ill.

Trump’s foreign policy confuses me. The nations that were considered our allies have become our burdens. The nations that were considered our enemies are now our friends. Dictators have become what we strive to become while democracy is something that should be put in the graves of our future. Please remember NATO has kept our world at peace for 74 years. The time between World War One and World War Two was only 28 years.

Our fiscal policy is frightening. We are now in more debt then we have ever been before. This includes times of war and peace. It seems logical the only way we can attempt to balance a budget would be to eliminate all social programs like ‘The Affordable Health Care Act’, ‘Medicare’, ‘Medicaid’, ‘Social Security’, and all programs established to help the poor survive. Remember this massive deficit was amplified by giving tax breaks to the richest people on our planet. Personally this terrifies me because I’ve been paying into these programs for well over 55 years. I never asked for help in my life and paid in every week with every paycheck I earned with the knowledge of a promise I would be taken care of when I was no longer able to work. Am I defined as a snowflake because I can’t understand why this promise is being taken away?

Social Issues are now being discussed to not strengthen what they represent but to attempt to eliminate them so we can go back into a history we are trying to forget. Religion scares me the most. I believe in a good God whose grace is based on life and forgiveness. I have to clearly admit I have no idea what this new form of religious power is. Christ had no use for power. In fact, he fought against it. Why does our nation now strive for it?

As a retired chemistry teacher I believe in science. I believe in data and reality that is based on fact. We have a problem with our environment. I live on the Southern Coast of Maine. For years, my family and I have enjoyed the soft sands of beaches that led to the ocean. For the past few years this soft sand area has diminished. Last year it disappeared. The water is rising not only in text books or as part of a science fiction movie but in reality. All one has to do is open their eyes and look out their windows.

Ethics and morality seem to be memories of our past. The concept of lying and deceiving was something we were taught was wrong. Today in our present reality it has become the rule of how to retain power. I wonder how we can teach our children to respect each other and have disdain for bullying when the leader of our nation defines who he is by his art of the bully.

I have to admit I was shocked. As I watched the news on TV I viewed a woman clearly state that she never thought she would say this but if we have to have a dictator let it be Donald Trump. As an accused snowflake I vote for never having any dictator.

Jim Fabiano
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Author: Jim Fabiano

Jim Fabiano is a retired teacher and writer living in York, Maine and received the Maine Publisher’s Association Best weekly column award for 2004

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