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A KingsCalendar ‘In the NEWS’ commentary August 2, 2018

My dad once told me not to believe anything of what I hear and only half of what I see because most people have an incredible ability to deceive themselves and only believe what they want to believe. R.P. BenDedek

Masks are common in society. Some are for entertainment like this one, and others conceal the true nature of people. [Click photo to see more photographs]
What a strange and convoluted world it is within which we live and where the pot constantly calls the kettle black and the left calls leftists ‘Communists’ – but I surely repeat myself!

For months I have been too busy, too tired and too ill to write but in the last couple of days I have read an article or two about which I feel just so compelled to comment.

Being yet another of my eclectically cut and paste “In the NEWS” type articles which tend to deal with the blindness, stupidity and hypocrisy of the left, I am going (for no specific reason) to commence today on the issue of Facial Recognition Software – an issue of the pot calling the kettle black (if you have ever considered western security systems).

Facial Recognition Software:

Recognize that face!

Did you know that those bloody Chinese commies are busy as bees collecting not pollen, but records of facial features so that they can track every single Chinese Zhou who walks in front of a CCTV camera? Disgusting isn’t it? It’s an outrage!

How about we all go into a public rage about it and riot? Let’s smash shop windows and damage cars and send letters of protest to the Chinese Government. And after we have calmed down somewhat, then perhaps we could open our eyes a little wider and look into our own backyards.

I was highly amused the other day to see a report on Australian Television of a football stadium currently under construction which is incorporating facial recognition software so that all those riotous criminals who pervade our harmonious society can be easily apprehended. I’ve yet to hear outrage about this, but then this is not Communist China.

Said criminals are of course over 60 years old, white Aussie men who grew up testosterone filled, violent or otherwise aggressive, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Islamic and of course racist. Australia has no young crims because they were all raised to be politically correct latte sipping metrosexuals. Damn those Commie Bastards!

Over the last few months I have begun to wonder if I am suffering not from Trump Derangement Syndrome but “Leftist Media Syndrome.” The number of times I would read headlines and just want to throw up or take a hot poker and shove it up some journalists nether regions is beyond count. I have however begun to do something far more constructive.

Now I simply ignore the Trump Hysteria Headlines for a week or two until the truth about those headlines is finally explained in a traditional journalistic NON-Trump derangement syndrome type of way. You know what I mean don’t you? Like ignoring all the media hype that says that FLOTUS is in hiding from POTUS when she was actually in hospital. Mainstream leftist Media is just full of shite like that!

On Trump the kowtowing war monger:

The United States President bowing before his King. [Photo found on Bing – don’t know its source]
After Trump’s latest fiasco in Helsinki, world media now assures us that Trump is Putin’s lapdog and it can therefore be concluded that all previous reports about Trump leading the world into WWIII were just ‘fake news.’

We now know that the American, Iranian and North Korean leaders all do Russia’s bidding so there cannot at all be any risk of war. Where by the way is the photo of Trump bowing to Putin?

I suppose that the thing which ticks me off the most about leftists is their belief that they and only they have a right to tell people what to do. They appear to believe that anyone who does not toe the politically correct leftist ideological line ought to be punished AND YET they never cease to amaze me at how virulently they will attack Communist China – that leftist kettle – for doing exactly what they – the leftist pots – do!

On Chinese Coffins:

No bodies in these graves. The ashes are enshrined in what otherwise might be called the tombstone

In recent reports coming out of China, some local governments have been cracking down on people being buried in coffins. (Boy are they behind. This was supposed to have ceased decades ago!)

In some cases authorities have confiscated coffins and given people compensation etc.

The purpose is to ensure that all citizens get cremated rather than buried and in the process save land. Of course if you have ever visited China you would find that a laugh and a half given what so often happens to the ashes of the cremated.

It is obvious to any right thinking person that the government has no right to impose its will on the individual’s religious and social beliefs and practices unless of course those beliefs and practices are homophobic, racist, sexist, xenophobic, or supportive of President TRUMP or Israel, in which case you can fine such people, imprison such people, beat them up, incite others to beat them up, cause them to be fired from their jobs and make it impossible for them to eat in a restaurant.

I have never understood why the dictates of a Communist government are reprehensible, but the same dictates in a non-Communist country are not. We have a duty to protect the rights of all peoples in every country!

Have you ever stopped to consider what the term ‘multicultural’ means? Well whatever you think it means, it appears NOT to mean that you can wear ethic cultural clothing because that would be demeaning and racist and unforgiveable. (Maybe someone should tell that to the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and a host of others who ditched their cultural attire to dress like westerners! Thank God most middle eastern peoples continue to wear Muslim clothing!)

On Racism and Cultural misappropriation:

I not only culturally misappropriated this clothing back in 2007 at LeShan in Sichuan Province, but had to pay for the privilege. [Click the image for photos from this trip]
I recently published an article in which through the use of photographs I referred to the issue of cultural misappropriation and I therefore do not need to repeat myself. I would like to draw your attention however to the stupidity of leftist reactionism.

Back living in Australia now, I work two days a week for a local company and one day I saw a new female staff member kneeling on the floor in front of her locker. She was sitting on her heels and around her head she was wearing a bandana. I looked at her and said ‘You look Japanese sitting like that!’ Her reply: ‘Is that supposed to be a racist comment?’

What normal person even thinks like that? I was stunned and said: ‘Why? Do you have some objection to the Japanese?’ She was flabbergasted.

For the record, my great Aunt was Japanese and I sat and ate in the Japanese manner in a Japanese restaurant before leaving China. How politically incorrect of me!

I have a dark skinned and obviously aboriginal nephew whose brother is completely white. I have aboriginal cousins whose skin colors got lighter the more children my aunt gave birth to!

My cousins (in Australia and in addition to others) are Vietnamese and Aboriginals and my nieces and nephews are aboriginal, Chinese, and European whites. My grandkids reflect in their bodies the half dozen ethnicities in their genes which they inherited from their parents.

When an ideological idiot starts carrying on about cultural misappropriation they are usually stereotyping people based on the apparent color of their skin, eyes and hair, about whom they know nothing at all. When you wish to abuse a white boy for abusing the black boy, or a black boy for abusing the white boy, will it occur to you that they might be brothers or cousins? My Korean granddaughter does not at all look Asian but would have a perfect right to dress up in Korean clothes.

People who have manners don’t usually end up suffering from foot-in-mouth disease!

People who grow up believing in democratic freedoms simply accept everyone else as they are.

Which reminds me of a cartoon I once saw in which a church minister exclaims:

“God may accept you just as you are but we have higher standards!”

How many leftist do you know who hold to God’s standards?

Ad Nauseum:

The list of examples of how hypocritical ideologies become when sprouted and touted about by sociopaths is really quite endless. Recently I read of an incident in which a man attacked a pregnant woman and everyone was up in arms about the possible damage to her BABY. But according to at least half the population – the feminists – what grows within the womb is not a baby but a fetus, and there is nothing wrong with a mother killing her own fetus should she so wish. The convoluted ideological and lets not forget ‘legal’ logic involved in these contradictory ideas is beyond my ken.

At the end of the day of course, the real issue is one of ideology and the way people allow themselves to be manipulated by it, and I can think of no better demonstration of this ideological manipulation than a comic published at Townhall.com by Gary Varvel on Tuesday July 31, 2018 titled: The Two Americas.

I lived for 15 years in Communist China and I found it far less totalitarian then Australia and I found my life far more happy and satisfying than I do in Australia. I also liked the fact that most people couldn’t tell if I was 40 or 60 years of age and that they liked fat people.

Please enjoy your life and let others enjoy theirs.

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