Xitang Water Town in Zhejiang Province China (with Video)

Last week my former foreign affairs liaison officer called me and invited me to go out with him on Saturday. I agreed and reorganized my plans for the day. I had no idea where we were going or why, just that I had been invited and it would be impolite

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Inaccurate Information About Migrant Crime Wave in Sweden

Donald Trump caused a stir when he made a comment interpreted to have been about a terrorist attack in Sweden.

Trump said at his rally in Florida, “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happened last night in

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Civil Forfeiture Turns Cops Into Criminals

Living in a free society brings benefits, but also responsibilities. One of the most important is keeping an eye on government. You never know when lawmakers will try to do something bad — or something that seems good initially, then goes spectacularly

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The Misuse of the word Apartheid

I neither wrote this article nor is the article complete. It is an excerpt only from a very lengthy article titled Exposing the Myth of an Apartheid Israel by Alex Grobman.

Most people read the news (a very dangerous thing to do at this point in history

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One Man’s Heritage! The Struggle to Survive

This article was first published a few years ago on the old kingscalendar website under the title The Tale of the City Blacksmith.

Given the new American President’s desire to actually cause the USA to prosper, and given the number of calls for

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Being Aware of Religious Persecution – (VIDEO)

Note: We hear a lot today about Racism in the context of attacks on Muslims. People should research the facts. According to FBI figures the largest number of attacks are against Jews

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Deciphering the Chronologies of Josephus

The contents of this page were first published many years ago on the old KingsCalendar website. That article was just a tease revealing some of the

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“The thousand mile stare: Staring past the Void”

You have probably heard the expression “he has the thousand mile stare”. Might have even seen it in someone, like your best friend, maybe your spouse, your son, your father…Yourself.

Having seen too much death and destruction, the mind shuts down

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Islamic aspirations and maintaining democracy

In addition to the numerous articles written and published by retired Ambassador Yoram Ettinger over the years, I recently

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Rejecting the threat of ideological terrorism

The other day both here at Kingscalendar and at <a href="http://ipatriot.com/israelis-knew-trump-anyone-else/

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