Living in a fool’s paradise

This article was originally published at Magic City Morning Star on November 25, 2010 and republished on the old KingsCalendar Website under the title “A Baby for a Baby” by John J. Walsh (pseudonym.)

In view

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Two-State Concept is Path to War!

This article formed the first section of The Shamrak Report March 21, 2017

It looks like Donald Trump has begun playing the same game as all Presidents of the United States before him, since the establishment of Israel.

Apparently, regardless of what he

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Is the Palestinian issue a core cause of Mideast turbulence? (VIDEO)

Six Minute Video No. 38
Entire Online Seminar

1. Irrespective of – and unrelated to – the Palestinian issue, the Middle East is boiling, firing the 14-century-old Sunni-Shia intra-Muslim confrontation, exacerbating intra-Arab violence in Syria

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Giving advice is something one has to earn.

Webster defines advice as being, “a recommendation with regard to a course of action.” I just retired from teaching after 30+ years and decided to bring some of my experience to schools in York. I help them best I can but this newest experience is

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Xitang Water Town in Zhejiang Province China (with Video)

Last week my former foreign affairs liaison officer called me and invited me to go out with him on Saturday. I agreed and reorganized my plans for the day. I had no idea where we were going or why, just that I had been invited and it would be impolite

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Censorship should be a four-letter word

Webster defines censorship as, “to examine in order to take out things thought to be objectionable.” The person or people that do this are called censors. These are officials who checks writing, movies, or even art to take out things thought

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Purim Guide for the Perplexed 2017

Purim 2017 – 12th and 13th of March.

a. Purim’s historical background:

*The 586 BCE destruction of the First Jewish Temple (on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount), and the expulsion of Jews from Judea & Samaria, by the Babylonian Emperor, Nebuchadnezzar

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The Shamrak Report March 7, 2017

The Shamrak Report is an independent weekly editorial letter published since 2001. The aim is to promote the Jewish point of view on the Arab-Israel conflict; motivate Jewish people and our true friends to uphold the ideals

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Flawed Nature of US Security Guarantees And Constitutional Limits

1. US-Israel defense cooperation should be driven by the enhancement of the mutually-beneficial, win-win, two-way-street ties, not by the re-introduction of one-way-street relations, which would burden the US and increasing the dependency of Israel upon

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Imagine a world without borders but plenty of checkout separator bars

As I was waiting in line at my local grocery store, where I seem to spend much of my life now, I noticed that the person in front of me was nervous.

At the time I didn’t think my appearance was that frightening. Of course, every now and then my wife reminds

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