Scandinavian Author M M Justine Talks About Her Publishing Journey.

My debut novel was not a standalone book, but a trilogy. I wrote three books in five years. The Traitors Trilogy is the engrossing story of Martina, a young woman who was fated to save the world from utter destruction. It is a riveting thriller filled with action, suspense, and deception.

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The Mythology and Mathematics of Income Disparity by Michael Moffitt

There are those who tell us that all of the benefits of tax cuts and the wealth created by our booming economy goes to the very rich; that the “one percent” has taken it all, leaving the middle class and poor behind. We are told that disparity of income and wealth, the distance between rich and poor, is at record levels, and this is a threat to our democracy. We are also often told that income disparity results from the greed and avarice inherent in a capitalist society.

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What if Tomorrow I die? by R.P. BenDedek

Young people, especially males, never truly consider their own deaths, for inbuilt into their minds is a lack of appreciation for the frailty of the human condition. If they were as conscious of death as we older people, then they would probably never do anything daring or exciting.

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The most calamitous Jewish day: The 9th Day of Av by Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger

The 9th Day of Av guide for the perplexed (July 21, 2018)
Based on ancient Jewish sages

1. Major Jewish calamities occurred – and are commemorated – on the 9th Day of Av, the 11th Jewish month:

* Unlike Joshua & Caleb, the other “ten spies/tribal Presidents” slandered the Land of Israel, preferring immediate convenience and conventional “wisdom” over faith and long term vision, thus forfeiting the privilege of entering the Homeland and prolonging the wandering in the desert for 40 years, before their offspring settled the Promised Land.

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What is the real news? by Michael Moffitt

Most of us realize that President Trump can at times be rude and crude and inarticulate. He is frequently not careful with his words. He can be a braggart. He insists that allegories like “the wall” are totally literal. He has been called a lot of nasty names even though in his personal and private dealings he has been a friend and mentor to many of both sexes and all races. Given all this, it is completely fair in our free society that many say, “I do not like this man!”

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Policy Expert Sounds the Alarm on Growing Assault on Private Property

Tom DeWeese, recognized expert on private property rights, has released a new book entitled Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals. DeWeese’s book describes in detail the process being used at every level of government to reorganize our society through the destruction of private property.

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Swedish Writer MM Justine’s interview with Marylee MacDonald from ‘For Beginning Writers’

Swedish Writer MM Justine Shares How She Turned Her Dream of Becoming a Writer into 3 Published Books in For Beginning Writers

Since its inception, the focus of this blog [For Beginning Writers] has been to encourage writers to turn their dream of becoming a writer into a reality. This week I’m featuring an interview with Swedish author, MM Justine. The points she makes about taking online classes, reading to understand what other writers were doing, and benefiting from reader feedback struck me as important lessons for all of us, me included. But, there’s more. Not only has she written one book. She’s maintained the discipline to write three, all while holding a full-time job. The perspective she offers about publishing in Sweden and about how she’s marketing her books is also fascinating. Welcome, MM Justine. I know readers are going to be interested in your international perspective and your success in getting your books written and launched into the world.–Marylee MacDonald

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Movie Review: The Red Sparrow Surprise

Since arriving back in Australia in August I have been making weekly visits to a cinema with my cousin.

Today we had an unplanned meeting at the shopping-center in which the cinema is located and had no prior knowledge of what was showing at the cinema.

Given that our choice of movie was dependent on convenient screen times, we had no choice but to watch a movie that we had steadfastly been ignoring for more than a month. We chose Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence – whoever she is. (I’ve just come back from 15 years of living in China and I didn’t know who she was).

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The Youth Are Sparking A Revolution

Our world is undergoing massive change, and mainly, it is the gravity of the direction of this change that has inspired me to write this article, and in particular the plight of the youth, and the way they have been marginalized by world governments; high unemployment rates among the youth is rampant, lack of opportunities to advance in life, and the dilemma which has confined them in parental homes unable to break free and become independent adults.

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