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This photograph was taken in 2004 in Tanggu. I am so much more handsome now.

Last year I published a PDF Book about my life in China titled Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story. You can read why vanity publishers wouldn’t publish it and I have provided numerous excerpts for prospective purchasers to evaluate the book prior to making a decision to buy it.

After ‘Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story’ was published, I began work collating travel stories and interesting events from particular places into a series of books that will be part travelogue but which will expand on my life’s experiences in China – something that I could not do in the first book because it would have been too big.

In Book One of these travel adventures, I talk about various places that I first visited during 2003 and 2004 while working in Honghu City in Hubei Province. All stories about those places – irrespective of when I went there – are collated.

This page today contains a variety of photographs I took during a trip to Tianjin or more specifically to Tanggu in Tianjin in 2004. The original text and photographic article was published in my column at Magic City Morning Star in 2004 and later transferred to the old Kingscalendar website where it was titled Daily Life in China Part 18 Tianjin.

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Tanggu Tianjin 2004

First Stop Wuhan City
(Click the photo to go to one photographic story about Wuhan)

To get from Honghu City which is located about 165 kilometers south of Wuhan, to Tianjin, one has to take the bus to Wuhan, then travel to the airport and fly. These composite photographs are of Wuhan taken in Hanyang. In the dead center of the top left photograph there is a brown building. That is the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuchang District. Out of frame to the right is the No. 1 Bridge joining Hanyang with Wuchang. Out of frame on the left of that photograph is more of the Yangtze river and just a couple of hundred meters away is the Qinchuang Pavilion and beside it the Holiday Inn hotel from whose 16th floor I took this photo in the top right frame of a cruise ship. Continuing left and you come to the Hanjiang river where it joins the Yangtze and if you follow the river you come to a section that is basically in front of the Holiday Inn hotel and at that location on the weekends there is a lot of family entertainment to be enjoyed.

The top frames in the photo below were taken from the Qinchuan Holiday Inn in Hanyang and the photo on the right indicates where the Hanjiang river runs into the Yangtze river. In the first photograph above we were looking out the back of the hotel. In the photos below we have turned left to look to the side of the hotel. The red bridge takes us over to the Hankou District and the entertainment area mentioned in the photo above is located about the middle of the left side of the left frame below.

On the bottom right of the photo above you can see the actual plane in which we flew to Tianjin. On the left is – well your guess is as good as mine! I took the photo in Zhongshan park the day before we flew to Tianjin. If you click on the photo it can take you to a different article about Wuhan from the one linked to the first photograph.

I had been invited to travel with QC to Tianjin and additionally I had a pen friend who lived there. This was not exactly a sight seeing tour. Wikipedia doesn’t offer much information about Tanggu except to say that it is now part of the Binhai New Area on the Hai River where it enters the Bohai Sea, and that Tianjin is about 30 miles (48 km) upriver.

Hai River Area Tanggu


That bridge in the bottom right corner photo goes up and down. It is a wonder to behold. This area reminded me of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. In both places there are all these nice touristy type places. (If you click on this link you will go to a photographic article on Shanghai’s BUND.)


Local architecture is in keeping with the nautical theme and the bottom right frame is in keeping with both a nautical and naughty theme.

Like most Chinese cities there are many parks and gardens designed to give residents a sense of peace and serenity and one thing that becomes obvious in China is the Chinese love of statues and ornamental objects.

Immediately above bottom left is a section of a whole lot of ancient Greece themed statues in various stages of undress. When I saw it I was shocked. It seemed so ……. immoral …. so NOT Chinese. The bottom right frame is of the statue of that little boy in the boat. Can you figure out what he is doing? It would probably be considered highly offensive back home in Australia.

Top frames below merely indicate the Chinese love of modern architecture and strange public ornaments.


The bottom left frame of the photo above is of the colonnades you could see in the distance in the previous photo (top left frame). I do not know what the statue in the bottom right frame is supposed to be but my reaction to it was that it was Oedipus.

Visible from my hotel window

This set of photographs taken from my hotel window indicate (top left) a shopping area and Oedipus in the previous photo was located down to the left of the fountain in the top left frame. It was all quiet spacious – open and clean and busy.

Parks and Gardens and Walking streets

During my time in Tanggu I dined with relatives of my friend QC. The photograph in the bottom right frame is of one such dinner in a restaurant.


More architecture – all different from each other. the photo in the bottom right frame might make more sense in the following composite photo, but I was trying to take a photo of the two golden buildings in the distance.

The dangers of being a tourist – or – watch where you are going

In the bottom right frame you can see the water displaced by my fall. In the bottom right frame – if my memory serves me right – we can see the area in which we ate lunch. See photo below.

Having met up with my pen friend we went ‘somewhere’ and there was this big open paved garden type area and there were platforms going nowhere which you ascended by climbing stairs. Through the middle of the paved courtyard-garden ran a little pond. I was fully aware of its existence but so focused was I on taking a good photo that I was walking while looking through the viewfinder of the camera. I fell straight into the pond.

This was a very big restaurant and all laid out in a very old fashioned – traditional way

Some left over photos

The top left and right frames are of the park containing the colonnades. Bottom right frame was taken from the window of a train and the bottom left was of the street in which QC’s uncle lived.


The top left photo is of the security police questioning our would-be taxi driver. Top right is of nighttime activities in that park with the colonnades. Bottom right is the end result of ‘cupping’ treatment. Bottom left is exactly what it looks like – a drunk old foreigner. I NEVER drink with Chinese people because I am a two pot screamer but on this night I simply could not avoid it.

The cupping treatment is described at Wikipedia and it is noted that there is no evidence that this treatment is useful. And yet even foreigners swear by it. Not me though – I won’t have it. Nor will I have the Guasha treatment, but I do swear by Chinese massage.

There you go, just a few photos and comments about my trip to Tanggu. You can read the story at Daily Life in China Part 18 Tianjin.

While Book One of Stories of China has not yet been published, ‘Finding Myself in China : A Politically Incorrect Story’ has been published. It can only be purchased in PDF format. If you would like to know why this is so, You can read about the reasons in Holding Authors to Ransom – and – How much in royalties do book authors get paid?

Since Google limits visibility of all sites not actively involved with Google advertising, my book is not likely to become widely known without the help of readers. If you have already purchased a copy of my book you could assist me by writing about it on facebook or just sharing this page with your friends.

Thank you.

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