Being Aware of Religious Persecution – (VIDEO)

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We hear a lot today about Racism in the context of attacks on Muslims. People should research the facts. According to FBI figures the largest number of attacks are against Jews, and anti-Semitism is growing while western peoples are embracing their love of Islam.

R.P. BenDedek 2004I am currently updating and reformatting old articles on my old website and today I came across an article title Racism, Intolerance and Discrimination.

Seeing that article remined me that I had an email somewhere in which I had received another video clip from the Clarion Project’s film titled “The Third Jidah.” Please note that the first host/speaker in this clip is actually a Muslim. It is he who is trying to warn the west. You can see more of him and his story in the full video.

To see the full film go to

The point in providing these videos on behalf of the Clarion Project is to hopefully assist in getting the word out that the extreme liberal progressive ideology does not represent REALITY when dealing with the politically motivated fundamentalist Islamist plan.

I have been writing for more than a decade, doing my best to warn people of what was happening. I’m not expert in the field of Islam and its reach and actions in the world, but it really didn’t take anything more for me than to open my eyes to what political correctness was doing, to understand what danger lay ahead. Here are two recent articles on the matter.

Welcoming Jihad or Being Free (VIDEO)
by R.P. BenDedek
Feb 6, 2017

Despite all the hysterical accusations made by the sociopathic ideologues, the reality is that REAL everyday Muslims who have left their homelands to settle in democracy loving western lands DON’T WANT to be controlled by Islamists. They more than anyone else know what living under Islamic (theocratic) political and social control means.

Politically Correct Ideology leads ultimately to insanity
by R.P. BenDedek
Feb 6, 2017

Politically Correct Ideologues are people who become so trapped inside fundamentalist thinking, that they lose contact with the real world and see nothing other than their ideology. In short, they are totally focussed on what is inside their own heads, which is why I constantly refer to such people as ‘sociopathic.’

Western peoples need to be truly informed and not just blindly follow nice sounding but otherwise self-destructive political ideologies.

See the full Clarion Project presentation at

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