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In addition to providing readers with Book Baskets in which we list publicity material related to various book releases, we also offer the authors of those books the opportunity to obtain free publicity by offering them a no-pay / no-charge promotional deal in which they write and publish stand-alone articles on topics that our readers might enjoy reading, and we include their Bios, book cover photo and purchase details and links.

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Since the New Face of KingsCalendar officially commenced around Feb 22. 2016, the following is the list of author articles which have published in the Writers Journal KingsCalendar. This list does not include those authors for whom column pages have been created.

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Author Articles in the Writer’s Journal 2016

What is the real news?
by Michael Moffitt
July 10, 2018

Most of us realize that President Trump can at times be rude and crude and inarticulate. He is frequently not careful with his words. He can be a braggart. He insists that allegories like “the wall” are totally literal. He has been called a lot of nasty names even though in his personal and private dealings he has been a friend and mentor to many of both sexes and all races. Given all this, it is completely fair in our free society that many say, “I do not like this man!” BUT….As Paul Harvey so famously said, “Now lets hear the rest of the story.”

The thousand mile stare: Staring past the Void
by Robert. B. Goos
Dec 25, 2016

Having seen too much death and destruction, the mind shuts down, at least to the warrior. The amygdala, our brain’s fight-or-flight center, has been overwhelmed with sensory data no one is prepared to process. And yet, they did…process it I mean. It may have been done in a very perfunctory way, and likely was, because they were in survival mode.

Vaccines: a Benefit or a Menace
by M.M. Justine
Oct 20, 2016

In 2013, Sweden admitted that the flu vaccine caused narcolepsy, and they offered an apology to the victims. TV2 Denmark went further and did something no mainstream media network in the United States will dare to do, they investigated the controversial HPV vaccine that many have claimed ruined the lives of many young women.

An Introduction to Dowsing for the beginner
by Gerald Chatfield
Oct 18, 2016

I am a Remote Separation Dowser. “What is a Dowser?” I am often asked. Water Divining seems to be the most commonly recognised answer, but it is far more than just water that can be found by this ancient skill. I believe most people have the ability and can be honed to an incredible level with practice.

Refugees, migrants and jobs
by Virginia Gavian Rivers
Oct 12, 2016

Famine and violence in Turkey from the late 19th century and well into the 1920s created many refugees. They pressed the resources of cities; so did numerous migrants fleeing religious persecution. They needed shelter, food, clothing and work. Historically, international religious organizations such as Christian missions and churches and private businesses have filled some of these needs.

Spending Quality Time with the Lord
By Larry Meyer
Oct 12, 2016

Substituting the clutter in your mind with higher better things will provide you with an opportunity to receive your own messages. I remember learning Yoga and Pranayama, where you focus on the breath — which helps still your mind to achieve that peaceful one pointedness of being. This is always good and helps, but I needed more than that.

What is an Angel?
by Lauren M. Bloom
Oct 5, 2016

The word “angel” derives from the Greek word “angelos,” which simply means “messenger.” In other words, putting aside the hand props and feathers, an angel is a messenger from the Divine, bringing hope and help when we need it most. While some messages may come more easily from one angel than another – Archangel Michael’s assurance that Heaven protects us is so clearly his – it’s hard to believe that any angel could possibly be limited by human ideas of what his or her message should be

The importance of literature in a digital society
by Alexander Galati
Oct 2, 2016

Staying connected to books and literature is as important as keeping up with exercise and fitness. It’s a skill that individuals must sustain to improve their ability to write and read. After all, it was writing and reading that recorded our history and it’s the reason why we can connect with other generations’ past, present and future.

Appreciating the importance of community
by Michael Kravitz
Oct 2, 2016

Many church groups and private citizens with the coordination of the fire department delivered food and clothing to many in need. There were many stories of heroism, especially along the seashore. Houses were swept out to sea. In Scituate Ma., hundreds of homes were demolished or floated out to sea. Neighbors took in strangers. Others offered clothing and food to those who lost everything.

Immigrants Saved by Spirituality
by Sarojini and Shyam Kanagala
Oct 1, 2016

Once we moved to the U.S. everything changed. We realized that our degrees and expertise were of no value and we felt completely incapacitated. We had to start everything from scratch, including college. Nature and the universe teach us great compassion. No one is exempted or excluded from these experiences. Sometimes it takes several different events to catch our attention.

Diabetic’s life-changing accident and recovery
by Kelly Garner
Oct 1, 2016

An awakening took place in my life. I will not allow this opportunity of a second chance at life to slip away. There is a saying called a new lease on life for a reason. I believe the events that transpired that night was God’s wake-up call and it was time for me to answer.

Romance in the 21st Century
by Marchela Wells
Sept 30, 2016

I decided to take the plunge and extracted the first video from its case. I shoved it into my VHS player and sat back prepared to be bored. From the opening credits I was captivated. I love historical romance, you see, and this is a period piece set in roughly the year 1811/1812. I vaguely recall reading Sense and Sensibility when I was in college but this one had escaped my notice.

Preserving the Dignity, Service and History of Veterans
by William R. Graser
Sept 27, 2016

A Korean War combat veteran called me at home after his story has been written and said, “When reading my own story, those days in Korea rushed back like it was yesterday.” I listened as he wrestled with his emotions. Months later, he told me how much he appreciated his story being recorded for future generations, especially his grandchildren.

Our Changing World
By M.M. Justine
August 18, 2016

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) under negotiation is being carried out mostly in secrecy between the EU and US. TTIP will reduce the regulatory barriers for doing business; erode food safety laws, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations. Europe’s public service organs in health care, education, infrastructure, water and electrical services will be opened up to US companies and this essentially will mean privatization.

8 Ways Corporations Can Improve Their Image
by M.M. Justine
August 14, 2016

I write to provoke a debate and create awareness – to prompt you to investigate further and do your own research instead of blindly believing what we are told. The level of incompetence in corporations has led to a globalist agenda where the small man is nothing but a tool to be controlled, manipulated and exploited. The decision rests heavily on us individuals to dare to make choices that promote our wellness, and survival.

Never Stop Learning
by Robert Gallant
August 10, 2016

The beauty of exercising is that it increases blood flow, flexibility, endurance, and overall energy, so that we can take on those new challenges. I play volleyball 3 days a week, go to exercise classes, and work out with my fitness trainer at the local Community Center. She has significantly improved my balance, plus introduced me to the “ten minute routine for firing up your metabolism”. When you get up in the morning, drink a glass of water and then do 10 minutes of exercise. If you have a treadmill, walk two minutes, run two minutes, sprint one minute, and repeat.

Surrendering our property rights
by John Anthony
July 28, 2016

In 1976, while Americans were distracted watching a manly Bruce Jenner ace the Olympic decathlon; while two Steves formed a company called Apple, and millions mimicked “meow, meow, meow, meow” to the Meow Mix commercial, two United States delegates signed an international agreement in Vancouver, Canada that accelerated the demise of our Founders’ protections. The document concluded that land “contributes to social injustice,” and “cannot be controlled by individuals.” With those signatures, our government’s official position on private property ownership reversed. The U.S. government now agreed that “public control of land use is…indispensable.”

What it means to be passionate about life
by William Dickie
July 24, 2016

I was once walking in a local park with my family, when a kookaburra, an ancient bird of Australia, swooped down and stomped on a snake that was very close to me. At the moment I looked down, the bird looked straight into my eyes as if to say, watch where you are going. Needless to say I was totally unaware of the snake as he was exceptionally camouflaged to blend with his surroundings. Snakes in Australia are some of the most poisonous on the planet, I learned later. Now each time I see a kookaburra, I smile and silently give thanks.

The Poetry in the Painting
by Lana Jean Rose
July 21, 2016

I lived in a world where I was a rich and famous woman in a house about which people said, “There’s a very famous woman who lives in that old house but no one ever sees her. They say she owns a old Rolls Royce and has a driver who takes her out every Friday. The windows of the car are dark so no one ever sees her or knows where she goes. No one really knows anything about her except that she’s supposed to be beautiful, wealthy and a successful writer.”

Doing the Right Thing Often Carries a Price
By Robert Gallant
July 21, 2016

I joined with seven other campus leaders in petitioning the University President to admit the man to the graduate school. That was headline news in the campus newspaper and I received comments ranging from “Good for you. Gutsy move.” to “I’ve given the KKK your dormitory room number”.

Finding One’s Passion in Life
by Meg Duly
July 3, 2016

After marriage and the birth of our children, I got back to my education, now in Social Work. I learned a lesson during years of working full time, raising children and night school. The way to achieve your goal is to constantly see yourself doing what you are preparing for. With my bachelors, I went to work for Child and Family Services. I walked in the door the first day and was handed 125 files. Wow, what an education that was.

Obama Feasts on Ignorance to Devour Property Rights
by John Anthony
June 28, 2016

If freedom holds any value, we must educate our neighbors to the link between property and human rights, and the dangers of a government that can peel off either on a whim.

The Orlando Alarm Clock
by Georgia Lee McGowen
June 21, 2016

I can’t help but wonder if this will be a wake-up call for the collective community of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and the Transgendered. It should be!! Our community has been so invested in liberal/progressive ideology that any person wishing to take on the mantle of leadership in our country, and does so under that banner is automatically assumed to have our best interest at heart. Personally, I don’t think they do.

A Passion for Local and Family History
by Eric Weidler
June 21, 2016

George Meiser, compiled twenty-two volumes of Berks County and Reading photographs. Some of the photos date near Civil War times and most show an amazing city environment when Reading was a boom town with railroad shops, automakers, clothing makers, and hardware stores. What’s just as amazing as what will be, is the scene that once was. A trolley line wound around two surrounding mountains: Neversink and Mt. Penn. A half dozen hotels and resorts dotted along the way. The line and hotels are all gone. Only one remains: now remodeled into an apartment house.

Travel is always worth it
by Nidhi Dalmia
June 14, 2016

In Paris, where this is being penned, every quartier has a different feeling, a rich experience. The Latin Quarter has the Sorbonne, Boulevard Raspail, the student areas, the leftist intellectual air, the Jardin de Luxembourg, and the cafes where the likes of Sartre and Camus hung out. The Champs Elysees has its elegant air, the fancy shops and restaurants, the feeling that one has come to the fashion capital of the world and women fitting the image of a la mode. Palais Royale, Rue de Rivoli, Montmartre – all have their special feeling. All are equally Paris, and one is nonetheless richer for having experienced one of them.

How past traumas can influence future relationships
by Bob Strauss
June 14, 2016

The child wants independence, to be her own person and to escape the prying eyes of the mother. Will the mother become pathologically possessive demanding that her daughter remain close? This is precisely how intergenerational trauma occurs. My job as a psychotherapist is to help my clients work through their fears of loving. They must understand the damage of personal history, confront their past bravely, and have faith that they need not fall helplessly into the traps that their parents could not overcome.

How a breakup can lead to lasting relationships
by Bob Strauss
June 11, 2016

Learning from the mistakes that we make in our choice of relationships is key to improving future choices. Jane had to understand her tendency to choose selfish narcissistic men for lovers. Her insecurity with men, the unconscious fear that she was lacking, or perhaps not lovable enough guided her efforts to please and ingratiate the men she became involved with. Lost in this process were her needs, deeply repressed out of fear that their expression would result in eventual abandonment.

The Depths of Bullying & Why it Doesn’t Stop After the Teen Years
By Kristi K. Hoffman, M.S.
May 20, 2016

How is it possible in today’s society, that a person believes on-line harm and harassment, gossip and defaming, hatred and public humiliation, is okay to do to another human being? How low must a person have sunk in her or his own life that she or he believes that that type of behavior is not only okay, but acceptable — repeatedly?

You’ve Managed to Escape the Rabbit Hole—But Now What?
by Alicia M. Smith
May 17, 2016

My husband, Ryan, and I received the call. Recently, an extremely close relative was diagnosed with cancer. A massive punch to the gut. Loss of breath. Anxious moments. Endless fear. A diagnosis was made and surgery commenced. There are still difficult days ahead: Chemotherapy will be administered.

Children’s Literature a Vehicle for Change
by Deborah Watters
May 11, 2016

Traditionally fairy stories and fables acted as a conduit for information from the adult milieu. They were a way for children to receive messages about the perils of the world, of the dangerous elements of life, of moral quagmires to trap the unwary. Today children’s literature has become specialized.

Germany’s Romantic Highway
By Dr. Ron Deigh
May 8, 2016

If you don’t like snow, plan to travel during a season other than winter. Mother Nature does enjoy blanketing the Romantic Highway with snow. But the weather is great in the spring, summer or fall, although most tourists seem to prefer summer, as do the Germans themselves. For lodging arrangements, I like to do that in advance but “Bed and Breakfasts” abound on the Romantic Highway, and you wouldn’t want to miss that wonderful opportunity. Finding such quaint and memorable lodging is much easier during the offseason.

Phone Scams: A New Mission Field
by Dennis Whitmore
May 2, 2016

The caller will ask me to push certain buttons and I’ll pretend that I did. Then they ask if a code came up. Several times I have said to the person: “It says, ‘R-e-v-21:8.’” They’re initially confused because my answer doesn’t match how their trick is supposed to work. So I’ll ask, “Do you ever read the Bible?” Usual response: “No.” “In Revelation 21:8, it says that ‘all liars will have their part in the lake of fire.’” Then I tell them that I know this is a scam, that they’re lying and trying to steal money from a church. “And you will be accountable for it . . . Do you realize that?” Then I usually hear a ‘click’.

Where Did the Hope Diamond Come From?
by David Celley
April 23, 2016

The Hope Diamond is a large, one-of-a-kind, diamond from India with a beautiful deep blue color owing to a boron trace. Diamonds of this nature are indeed rare and valuable, but the Hope Diamond is thought to also be notorious owing to its alleged curse.

Exploitations of power that existed in communist USSR
by Valery Dunaevsky
April 23, 2016

Taking into account the attempts of rehabilitation of the Stalin regime in Russia, and considering that the witnesses of Stalin’s abuse are passing away, it is worth reminding people about the exploitations of power that existed in the communist USSR.

Aid workers and civil war
by Paul Sugg
April 23, 2016

Paul Sugg has worked in development in Third World countries for 40 years, helping to build schools and design irrigation schemes for farmers. In this article, he offers his advice for aid workers who are traveling to a country engulfed in civil war.

The Passions of Youth
by Dr. Elana Ashley
April 21, 2016

I wrote a narrative about the experience of one night of passion during those two weeks. Perhaps reading the following prose poem, you can better understand the depth, breadth and fantasy power of that memorable night.

Four ways to balance the federal budget
by Dale Walker
April 12, 2016

A constitutional budget would estimate $1.6 trillion and would be balanced by using $1.6 trillion of the $3.5 trillion tax revenues. The remaining $1.9 trillion of tax revenues would be distributed to the 50 states based on a total population of 300 million, or approximately $6,000 per capita.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime
by Rachel G. Carrington
March 30, 2016

At eighteen years of age, I was that stepmother! It was not just one child who came to live with us, but one girl and two boys aged three to eight. I very much wanted those children of my husband’s for I had grown to love them over the eighteen-month period that I had known them.

My Thoughts
by Catherine A. Haala
March 29, 2016

The truth is that during our early childhood years (ages 0 – 7) we are like learning machines with a pure empty computer chip taking in everything from our surroundings; languages, who our family and friends are, the good, the bad, the ugly! If we are lucky, we come from a nurturing environment that inputs love, joy, ease, worthiness, peace, confidence and all of the good things that life has to offer.

Discovering the Sweet Spot of Life
by Steve Douglas
March 16, 2016

Can people create a life where they no longer just live but “really” live with total fulfillment, inner peace and joyful-bliss? My answer to these important questions is a resounding YES-YES they can!

Revolutionizing Autism awareness Don’t ‘dis’ my ability
by Liberty Hunter
Marh 12, 2011

We were told to go home and figure out ways to tell our child what to do, instead of causing her confusion and distress by yelling about what not to do all of the time. This was called positive speak. Writing new house rules in positive speak was our first homework task.

Five Reasons to Integrate Calcium Bentonite Clay into your Daily Diet
by Perry A.
March 11, 2016

Bentonite clay is volcanic ash with all the impurities burnt out leaving tightly bound pure trace minerals. Clay is a nano crystal with a strong negative ionic charged surface area from the thermodynamic heat of a volcano. It is highly regarded as a strong detoxifier.

What is a signature event?
by Gerard Dion
March 3, 2016

A signature event is the last final major achievement in your life, for what you wish to be remembered, and potentially the last challenge of your public life. Perhaps it is a challenge, if you’ve been financially successful in life, with a social component like the betterment of man, or the elimination of hunger in the world.

Can we help our restless nature – Part One: The Body
by Elisabeth Falcone
March 1, 2016

We admonish ourselves or others to “slow down and relax” and make a determined effort to reduce our stress by turning to physical exercise, meditation or chemicals. But soon we discover we have little control over the restlessness.

The Flawed but Perfect Hero – A study of the Modern Fictional Persona
by Kelvin Kwa
Feb 29, 2016

From Katniss Everdeen to Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker to Neo, these characters and their story elements speak to the child like wonder common in each one of us no matter the origin of our circumstances. They engage the need to stand above the crowd after having the vague belief that each of us are miraculous individuals, drummed into our psyche from birth by our well meaning parents.

The humbling of a savvy traveler
By Ofem Ajah, M.D.
Feb 20, 2016

At the airport, with all other passengers already on board, the check-in personnel took my passport. “Your Nigerian passport has expired,” she said. “I am afraid you can’t travel.” “Can I be barred from my country because of an expired passport?” I asked. “Let me check with my supervisor,” she said to me. Her supervisor told her to let me go if my US passport was current. It was. I cleared security and made the plane just when they were about to shut the door.

The Importance of Nurturing in Families
by Ruth Pearson
Feb 20, 2016

The mother was reassuring the daughter that she was loved. However, the daughter asked the mother some simple questions about her friends, her school and her hobbies and the mother could not answer them. With tears in her eyes, and her daughter’s eyes, the mother realised that she had some adjustments to make to her work schedule to improve her family.



Author: R.P. BenDedek

Born in 1953 in Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia, R.P. BenDedek (pseudonym) is a divorced father of five who has been living and working in The People's Republic of China (Mainland China) since 2003. He is currently (2016) working in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

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