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FabianoJim Fabiano is a retired teacher and writer living in York, Maine. With his retirement now in full swing he is hoping to publish another book. Previous books include “Laugh it Off” (2003) and “Humor from York Town” (2005)

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2016/2019 Jim Fabiano Articles at the New Face of Kingscalendar

Could it be time to throw a gate to the wind
by Jim Fabiano
March 4, 2019

We still have people to hate this year. I never could understand why it is so important to have someone to hate. With the election it seems we are starting to hate anyone or anything that doesn’t look like us. I have yet to figure out who us is. I thought it included the Afro-Americans or Jewish people. I don’t think we hate the Chinese even though we are told they are probably our future enemies. We used to hate segments of our own society.

Love according to a box of cereal
by Jim Fabiano
February 15, 2019

My friends stood in shock as I told them my story. Some couldn’t understand that after over 5 decades with one person I can still experience such deep love for my wife; I continue my story by telling them I would be nothing without her and she is not only my lover but also my best friend.

The winter poltegeist that won’t go away
by Jim Fabiano
January 21, 2019

I finally broke down and called the repairman. I told the receptionist that my furnace was possessed. Possessed is the correct term because every time the repairman came over to check out the furnace it never shut off. It just kept humming along like every good furnace is supposed to do. Every now and then I would catch him glimpse up at me with a kind of, “have you finally gone off the deep end” expression on his face.

Visiting the man on the other side of the wall
by Jim Fabiano
Dec 27, 2018

I question if he still wants to change the world. I speculate if he still thinks he has the energy to make a difference in a society he knows was abused over time. I wonder if he still cares? I question if he still dreams about what he wants to be? I wonder if he starts every day in hopes he will be challenged and is energized by the reality that every problem is simply an opportunity. Or did he give up because he let time make him give up?

Remembering the paper boys of our past
by Jim Fabiano
November 12, 2018

Ralphie the Snotter owned the paper route that my house was in. Nobody dared ask him to trade because if they did he would put his slimy, mittened hand to his nose and show you why he was called Ralphee the Snotter. Everyone also knew for a fact if any of Ralphie’s slime ever touched any part of your clothes they would immediately sizzle off. This is the primary reason I didn’t mind the walk to my route. It took me about 10 minutes to get to the corner where my papers were stacked. They were tightly wrapped in a wire so they would not blow away. In my paper bag, made of a gray canvas that had the faded name of the paper on its side, I always kept my wire cutter.

The heart of the little red and yellow toy car from nowhere.
By Jim Fabiano
October 31, 2018

I wonder how many children enjoyed their new toy. How many children out grew the toy and how many parents decided to give it away in order to produce new memories from new families. At first, I wanted to walk over to my new neighbors in order to remind them once their children outgrew the toy they were obligated to walk it to the end of their driveway in order to give it to someone new.

Do neighborhoods exist anymore?
by Jim Fabiano
October 14, 2018

There were many other merchants in the neighborhood where everyone knew each other’s name. Every one of them seemed to have a specific type of merchandize. There were fruit stores that had their wares displayed in giant windows covered with hand painted signs stating prices. Most had many of their wares located on the street because back then the concept of theft simply didn’t exist.

When will my lawn stop growing?
by Jim Fabiano
October 1, 2018

Going into the month of October, I am seen opening my garage door in order to pull out my small hand mower and my tractor that used to promise an easier mow but now leaves mounds of wet and cut green slime that forms little mounds throughout my yard. The last time I mowed I swear I heard a little cry from the smaller of my mowers begging me to leave it alone so it could hide in the corner of my garage not to be seen until the wet and warm weather of spring.

At home with Norman Rockwell
by J. G. Fabiano
September 21, 2018

We ended up where the York River meets the ocean near some large rocks that seemingly guard the entrance. We anchored there and laid down our lines hoping we could at least bring home some stories about what we almost caught. Personally I was in fear that I might just catch something and have to do what I have no clue as to what to do.

First they came for…
by Jim Fabiano
August 29, 2019

I was fortunate to have had a great teacher. In fact, if you talk with people of any generation most have had a person in their education life they will always remember because of what they represented. His name was Mr. Dwyer who taught Russian and Asian History. Being the math / science kid I took these courses because I basically had to in order to graduate. He taught me something I had never heard of before. He taught me how history basically repeats itself even though the characters involved change. He taught me how what happens to other people will basically happen to you.

I want to go back to a time….again
By Jim Fabiano
August 18, 2018

Seventeen years later I am also feeling remorse for a time I understood what the world stood for; at least my world. We are now in a place that is separated by ideas. We are now a divided nation yelling at each other because one side thinks the other side is wrong. Actually they not only think there side is the correct but also think the other side is against everything we’ve always loved, admired, and were proud of. I just can’t figure out whose side I’m on or if I am right or wrong.

The central question is always winter or summer
By Jim Fabiano
August 10, 2018

The winter season is filled with various indoor parties that start with the absurdity of Halloween through the mainly forgotten New Year’s Eve celebrations. Christmas is thrown in a week before the start of the New Year producing bills that will have to paid for through most of the New Year.

Words we use and don’t have a clue as to what they mean.
By Jim Fabiano
July 28, 2018

I thanked him for his examples of energy but then repeated my question of what he thought energy was. No one said anything. They just continued sipping their drinks and waited for our neighbor to answer the question. When he continued to give examples of what energy is I asked all what they thought energy was? Not a sound. The thought of how many American families were destroyed and how many of our heroes lost, made me a bit sick.

She wore nothing but a Smile
By Jim Fabiano
July 23, 2018

Shaking off his shock all he could think about, at least that is what he says was that this troubled young lady must be in some sort of danger. So he opened the door and let her in. To his further shock, the mysterious nude jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist and proceeded to kiss him on the neck. The only sound that came from Jim was the loudest whisper he could muster stating, “My wife, my wife, over there in the bed.”

The anatomy of a protester as an old man
By Jim Fabiano
July 13, 2018

In 2016, a new candidate appeared on our political horizon. In fact, he was around for many years before but no one ever took him seriously. As everyone knows, that was a serious mistake. We now had two grandchildren to worry about. This new populist candidate was rude, amoral, and a great reality show star. It was soon obvious our repeated choice of Hillary Clinton would lose for a second time forcing us all to attempt to survive this new world order.

What is the definition of civility?
By Jim Fabiano
June 26, k2018

Sure there are people who migrate through our borders and do create havoc but not all because in reality we are all immigrants. My family, being of Italian heritage were called ‘WOPS’. Many never knew what this term meant. Being curious I discovered the term is defined as, ‘without papers’. Nothing ever really changes because everything has a tendency to stay the same. The only difference is how we, as a society handles it.

The History of our lives as defined by a dishwasher
By Jim Fabiano
June 15, 2018

Having one’s dishwasher filled with these types of containers means most of your meals were at somebody else’s house. This also means a lot of cooking was done and few leftovers were left behind. I’ve lost many containers and discovered multiple others I have no idea as to where they came from. I sometimes get a suspicious look from a neighbor wondering if I was the one who decided to keep one of their very special containers. I’m still looking for one of my favorite storage bowls I stole from my mother.

Deep in a world in a place called Imagination
By Jim Fabiano
June 2, 2018

Another strange thing happened to the creatures of Imagination. The jewel in their belly buttons started to change color. Some changed to red while others turned blue. The creatures stopped talking to each other and started to talk at each other. Universal chapels that used to house all the creatures of Imagination started to only house specific Gods of specific colors of the jewels that seemed to be growing in all the creatures belly buttons. Some say they didn’t grow but rather grew cold in the blues of one group and hot in the reds of the other.

I just hope I can survive the wonderful world of spring
by Jim Fabiano
May 20, 2018

My wife came home that afternoon seeing that my hands were bandaged, and a small piece of siding was on the kitchen table. She never asked about any of those things. I guess it was because she is used to my handywork and once again convinced we were going to put our handyman’s kids through college.

It’s time for all teachers to be able to afford a great day
by Jim Fabiano
May 6, 2018

As I finish cleaning my room and the last of my students leave, one of my students enters and explains what I taught her about biological relationships between young men and women made a decision she had to make easier. As she was leaving my room she turned and thanked me for being a teacher, her teacher. I had a great day…

Take it from an atheist there is a God
by Jim Fabiano
April 10, 2018

I consider myself a logical person. I understand how when our species was able to survive in tribes and families we put a stick in the ground during the fear of night in order to be closer to the sky. I understand we had to follow a concept that we would survive because we were put on this planet for a specific reason including to represent an almighty God.

Spring introduces the newest of our backyard pests
by Jim Fabiano
April 3, 2018

This mouse like thing that inhabits some kind of underground world was black and had a compact body and short legs. It also had a short-furred tail, small beady eyes, and partially hidden ears. Hell, it was only about a half a foot long but it still scared the be-jesses out of me. After a few seconds it jumped from my shoulder and bolted back into the hole. I still didn’t move because I was now staring out at a little gift my newfound enemy had left on my shoulder. The war was about to begin.

Thanks Mr. Hawking for teaching people how to look into the sky
By Jim Fabiano
March 19, 2018

Like most people who lived through a time when science fiction became science reality I’ve always been interested in the physical sciences of chemistry and physics. In fact, for the past four decades I’ve taught both these subjects. Dr. Hawking made this task easy because he described his theories of physics and time in understandable terms. He did not bury it in calculus but rather described his ideas in terms of wonderment and possible explanation of subjects that have been studied since people’s history began.

What kind of a world do we want our grandkids to live in?
By Jim Fabiano
March 7, 2018

Everything that means anything is local. I’ve written to the major gun-sale stores in our area. Sometimes companies believe it is best to ignore these types of questions in order to have them fade away. Students from Florida remind me of the thousands of students I’ve had in my career. These students will not go away.

In the past, today’s winters wouldn’t even be defined as winters.
By Jim Fabiano
March 5, 2018

I then started to force my entire body to roll. I figured with all the weight I had I did not have a chance of righting myself so I decided to do the next best thing. At first I couldn’t move but then I heard the snow give way and my body actually started to roll down the drift. My rolling body made the sound a snowman makes when he is being constructed. I then wondered if at the end of my journey some young child might find me engulfed in a ball of snow and decide to put a carrot in the middle for my nose and some rocks for my eyes.

Believe nothing what you hear
By Jim Fabiano
Feb 21, 2018

Social media has taken over the task of reporting what is going on in the world from ‘normal’ media outlets. This is a fact. I implore my students and my fellow citizens to question all and everything they read or even see on this media outlet. We all have the power to do this. If a non-person authors an article or video don’t believe it or at least question its authenticity. If the piece you are reading is bi-lined by a group, don’t believe it. If the piece you are reading is bi-lined by a person check this person out.

He wants it and he wants it now
By Jim Fabiano
February 13, 2018

Mr. Trump wants a parade. Not to celebrate great victories but rather to simply have a parade celebrating Mr. Trump. He has reportedly informed the Pentagon and his (?) generals to organize a parade for the 4th of July. Even though our volunteer military men and women didn’t train for a spectacle and shouldn’t have to be forced to do so. Even though an unnecessary expense to our economy while suffering through the worse deficits and debts of our nation’s history is unconscionable. The only reason is he wants it and he wants it now.

We invited him in
By Jim Fabiano
Feb 4, 2018

“Oh shut up, silly nation,” said our new President with a grin.
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you supported me”
“I promised you better times.”
“I promised you would be great again.”
“You will be more prosperous and taken care of,” laughed Mr. Trump.

Make America Bored Again
By Jim Fabiano
January 26, 2018

Mr. President, you won. You are our President for the next four years. You have control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. You have people in our Justice Department agreeing with what you are trying to accomplish. The Executive Branch is totally behind everything you are trying to do. Why are you putting the American people through unnecessary stress? What is your end game?

The toughest part of winter is the capacity to survive it
by Jim Fabiano
January 10, 2018

Now that my outside yard looks like the Alaskan Tundra my paper can be found anywhere on this side of Route One. During the days of reasonable weather two plastic bags usually double wrapped my paper. Now during the cold and wintry conditions of our present time the paper is simply wrapped in a rubber band. I wonder if the concept of what the plastic bag is supposed to do is foreign to the carriers.

A man and his snow blower versus the rest of the world
by Jim Fabiano
January 7, 2018

When you’re shoveling the snow a snow blower seems like a great idea until you spend $1,800 on one and discover the dirty little secret about snow blowers – that you expend about the same amount of energy getting them to start as you would shoveling 20 feet of driveway.

Happy New Year Mr. Trump. This is now your time
by Jim Fabiano
Dec 21, 2017

Ever since Donald Trump rode down the gold stairs in his golden tower cable news has been a staple must see TV. It is stressing many of us out and has not improved the quality of our lives. In the back of most of our minds we had an understanding we were still being governed under Obama’s Administration. This time has passed because this is now Trump’s New Year.

Ramblings of a drunken old man by a very young man found by a drunken old man.
By Jim Fabiano
December 15, 2017

My mind is now controlling
My body to express its thought.
To try and find out what I am.
Do I exist?
Am I only a part of a great mind?
God’s mind.

How the Internet Stole Christmas
By Jim Fabiano
Dec 3, 2017

The other day my wife and I made our yearly excursion to the many Christmas Craft Fairs that are located throughout New England. Our first stop was at a high school in Eliot, Maine. In past years the baked goods were remarkable and the multitudes of small craft booths were awe inspiring. If you ever wanted to find the Christmas spirit all you had to do was visit one of these fairs.

The Machiavellian Reality of Evangelical Christians
By Jim Fabiano
Nov 22, 2017

They sincerely believe the new justices would make the Evangelical Movement the law of our land. In other words, the ends of their type of conservative agenda totally overwhelm their moral and ethical beliefs. They don’t care if their basic beliefs are ignored as long as their political beliefs are realized. The Evangelical Christians now clearly understand the ends justify the means.

Beware the bugs of autumn
by Jim Fabiano
Oct 10, 2017

The immediate pain did not hurt as much as what it felt like minutes later. Actually, I thought my leg was on fire. Then I felt another stab on my arm, neck, leg, and even my butt. I was obviously under attack. I ran away from the army of wasps whose main existence was to protect the nest. A swarm followed me around my property and all I could do was attempt to swat them away with my hat and wounded arms. I must have looked like a very bad dancer in a very bad ballet.

Insights into how to make a difference
by Jim Fabiano
Sept. 2, 2017

You can show annoyance but inside remember these are young men and women who don’t need or deserve any more anger in their lives. In other words, never really get angry. Also never yell at anyone because all that does is intensify the problem. Talk with a stern voice but never yell and again, never get angry.

Will this campaign ever end
by Jim Fabiano
August 23, 2017

I have never experienced an ever-campaign filled with rallies expounding hatred toward everyone from the media to our Congress. I, and many like me, am pleading with you to end this insanity and start to govern. Also stop blaming everyone except yourself for the problems you encounter. You are the President. Presidents take responsibility.

Most go to church while I go to dirt
by Jim Fabiano
August 4, 2017

Walking through the entrance to my chapel, firing my water supplying weapon of mass construction, I walk by a round school house filled with children each wearing a red cap surrounding giant sea green stalks reaching up to the sky to become giant yellow faces of knowledge that lean down in order to keep track of their students.

Have you ever wondered why past memories seem better than present realities?
by Jim Fabiano
July 24, 2017

One day my father said they needed my help with the clambake. Wow! I could tag along with the men because they needed my help. I can’t tell you how important that made me feel. At first I didn’t know what to make of it because what had become a tradition in my short life was about to change. The clambake was held at a small airport called Roosevelt Field. Today it is a gigantic mall of stores but back then it was an open field that went on forever.

An evolution of department stores that still continues today
by Jim Fabiano
June 18, 2017

I sincerely believed this was the end of the evolution of shopping. Then came on-line networks like Amazon that eliminated the concept of going anywhere and talking to anyone unless you had a problem, which at this point, you were transferred to talk to someone far away with an impossible accent to understand.

The year of the microscopic ant
by Jim Fabiano
July 8, 2017

I was finally forced to use a professional spray to poison every inch of my home. I did this late at night in the hopes the smell would dissipate before my wife woke up. This worked for a couple of days but a few hours ago I observed one of the creatures actually attempt to arise from my drain. I will win. I may not survive into my seventies but I will win.

Why is it so difficult to help people
by Jim Fabiano
July 2, 2017

Our last attempt to give a young family a start in their lives and the lives of their children centered on the Maine Community Services. I got this information from the hospital that again told me they were unable to accept anything that had to do with babies or even children. I always thought they were the same thing. Our last hope ended like the others began. They couldn’t allow us to give.

Dear Mr. Trump
by Jim Fabiano
June 4, 2017

Mr. Trump can you tell me what my grandchildren’s lives will be like? Education has always been a window into all of our futures. Teaching our children the beauty of art and music was thought to be a mainstay in their educations so they can enjoy their futures. History was important because we all wanted for our children to not make the mistake we made and that our fathers and mothers before us. Is it true that building a workforce is becoming more important than building a life? Has the economy of our nation become more important than having my grandchildren enjoy their short time alive?

The mystery of the phantom chirp
By Jim Fabiano
May 30, 2017

The chirping continued even though I checked the batteries to make sure they were installed correctly. I sat on my stairs staring up at the noisy alarms not having a clue as to what the problem was. Since my wife was getting annoyed at the prospect of having a chirping sound stay with her forever I decided to take all the alarms down.

Imagine a world without dogs
by Jim Fabiano
May 15, 2017

Dogs carry disease and ticks that carry disease. I am now reading articles that a new tick has evolved that can carry a disease we have yet to figure out how to cure. At the end of every day I find myself checking out my body in order to find a tick that was delivered by a dog I do not own. Dog owners argue that a dog is a wonderful companion. I am told they talk to their dogs and they get the feeling the dog understands what they say and even soothe emotions and feelings. I tell these people to buy a plant.

What a blue leftist progressive sees when observing a red alt-right conservative
by Jim Fabiano
May 2, 2017

Our nation is obviously split apart into two political camps. We’ve been suffering through this reality for too many years. On the left are people fighting for a large government that will take care of its people. On the right are people fighting for a smaller government whose primary task is “America First”. This is obviously simplistic but it is the basis of everything that is wrong with our nation.

The terror of an American Policy based on Orwell’s “1984”
by Jim Fabiano
April 22, 2017

I first read George Orwell’s ”1984” when I was at school in the late 1960’s. I enjoyed it because it was an easy read whose premise was fiction. I knew we lived in the land of the free and even though we were involved in what I thought was an illegal war we were still allowed to protest it. I also thought “1984” had more to do with east block communist countries or banana republics that were destined to fail because democracy was the bridge to freedom and equality. I liked my world back then and was looking forward to an even better one.

There is a difference between patriotism and nationalism
by Jim Fabiano
April 8, 2017

Before the Patriot Act probable cause was needed for search warrants and a suspect had to be notified. Today, secret searches are permissible without notice, the federal authorities have more power to track Internet activity and phone calls, and grand-jury testimony may be shared with federal agencies.

The future of education should evolve back into our past
by Jim Fabiano
April 7, 2017

The moral of the story, of course, is that Miss Solomon turned out to be one of the best teachers I ever had. She taught me to love books and she taught me to love good writing. She taught me the importance of good grammar and sentence structure. She showed me how the written word carried within it the magical ability to become power.

Giving advice is something one has to earn.
by Jim Fabiano
March 17,2017

Years later, when my daughter hit the wonderful teenaged years, she didn’t accept my advice as she did in the past. In fact, she obviously dreaded it. However, I gave it to her anyway because I wanted her to survive her teenaged years.

Censorship should be a four-letter word
By Jim Fabiano
March 12, 2017

The question shouldn’t be what the comment was but did he have a right to express his views. Should he have been censored and ultimately censored from his show? I don’t agree with what he said but why should other people demand he stop discussing his beliefs. If it offends then the people it upsets should simply stop listening.

Imagine a world without borders but plenty of checkout separator bars
by Jim Fabiano
March 1, 2017

How wonderful it would be if supermarket separator bars really did have magical powers to extend beyond the checkout line, out of the building and into the parking lot and make human beings everywhere respect each other and each other’s property.

Every now and then you have to throw a Gate to the Wind
by Jim Fabiano
Feb 27, 2017

We have the same economy this year. We lead the world in spending to the point many economists state the world’s economy was saved because of the American need to have more. Of course this also means many of the people of the world are still struggling to survive. Some say that trying to change this reality is like throwing a gate to the wind.

Is anyone sick and tired of being afraid?
by Jim Fabiano Feb 6, 2017

Today our nation’s Constitution is under attack in the name of keeping us safe. Both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin warned us when our nation was brand new. They taught us not to let fear change what we believed in. They explained we can’t protect our society by taking its freedoms away.

It’s time to move on and continue to look forward to our future
by Jim Fabiano
Jan 21, 2017

The election is over. The arguments, disagreements, and horrible insults with both ideas and words have made the past eighteen months discouraging and depressing. It is now over. It is now Donald J. Trump turn to take our nation to a better place for our children, grandchildren, and yes, great grandchildren.

The snowbirds don’t know what they’re missing
by Jim Fabiano
Jan 18, 2017

The mass evacuation of the snowbirds of the coasts of New England begins as soon as the lights and the celebrations of the holidays end. They flock to the warmer weather of the southern states in order to escape the cold and snows of the winter months.

When your heart says you’re a teenager and your face says it’s lying
by Jim Fabiano
Jan 13, 2017

The female technician took one look at me and said she would have to shave my chest so the electrodes would stick. Body hair is a consequence of coming from Italian stock and, is considered a sign of virility by some women. Except, when she had finished with me, I would be going into the summer season with more hair on my back than on my chest.

The symbol Donald Trump fears the most
by Jim Fabiano
Jan 9, 2017

The asterisk is a symbol that represents that something has been left out. Today’s modern use for the * is that a title or representation does not completely mean what it is supposed to mean. In other words, there is a reality associated with the title.

The day the on-line Scrooge ruined my granddaughters Christmas
by Jim Fabiano
Jan 5, 2017

It then became my granddaughter’s time to open her gift. She tore open the holiday wrapping as if it never existed, tore open the box of which the on-line service sent the special doll and reached through the bubble wrap in order to finally own what she has wanted for a long time. Her face immediately became ashen and her eyes immediately watered instead of showing excitement and love of the moment. She pulled out a small package that contained a shower curtain.

Pushing back the dust of our pasts in order in order to enjoy and survive our future
by Jim Fabiano
Dec 29, 2016

I regret certain comments I made to my colleagues, friends, and students. I didn’t make these remarks maliciously but after they left my mouth it was obvious they never traveled through my brain. Looking down at my forever-growing gut I remember another regret.

Yes Santa, there is a Virginia
by J. G. Fabiano
Dec 23, 2016

I remembered groups of these same students collecting old clothes from their neighborhood so the poor amongst us could stay warm. I saw older and younger students volunteering for programs like Peer Outreach and DARE helping each other fight off the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

Where have all our heroes gone?
by Jim Fabiano
Dec 18, 2016

Where are they during this newest of attacks against our nation and its Constitution? These attacks include having a President Elect refuse to disclose his tax returns in fear that it would show his indebtedness to nations that don’t represent what we believe in. They are both competitors and adversaries. The attacks include having the President Elect refuse to state that our primary adversary, Russia, successfully hacked our political infrastructure.

The misdirection playbook of Donald J. Trump
By Jim Fabiano
Dec 16, 2016

Domestically Donald Trump is going to be an ethical nightmare. The Dakota Access oil pipeline’s impact on Native American lands is now going to be addressed by an individual who owns a part of the company building it. The head of the IRS of which Trump will appoint will now control his taxes.

A lie of a different name is still a lie
by Jim Fabiano
Dec 11, 2016

Fake news and lies are also dangerous. People were lucky at that pizza place in Washington DC when a man with an assault rifle invaded an innocent family restaurant because he believed the fake news stating Hillary Clinton was involved in a crime involving children. No one was hurt but the horrific possibilities were clear.

The meaning of Christmas can be defined by a cake
by Jim Fabiano
Dec 7, 2016

She told me it was a starter cake. Not having a clue as to what a starter cake is supposed to be I asked for an explanation. She told me she received the starter liquid from her sister. She explained that every time one made the cake they would have enough left to give the extra mix to two other people who wanted to make their own Christmas cake.

The place where lost things go
by Jim Fabiano
Nov 30, 2016

Could there be a place in middle earth where everyone’s lost things end up? Could Tolkien be right and there is a society of things beneath us that dares to confuse and frustrate by taking what we think is important? I wonder if these beings are small. They must live deep within the earth and come out only at night. They must be strong little critters that have long ears and even longer beards. I doubt if they wear colorful clothes because they’ve never been seen.

It’s time to remember the good now days
By Jim Fabiano
Nov 24, 2016

I remember the good now days when our Sunday began as early as weekdays and we would run out to Market Basket in Portsmouth in order to beat the crowds. The only problem was many thought the same so the store was usually most crowed during the early morning hours. We would then travel to The Christmas Tree Shoppe, Big Lots, or even the Dollar Store to look for, find, and then buy items we simply did not need.

Welcome to our reality show entitled, “Trumpland”
by Jim Fabiano
Nov 22, 2016

Our nation will once again become unified and live the way Donald J. Trump demands we live. Global warming will once and forever be declared a myth as will all scientific knowledge that dares going against the majesty and brilliance of our new President. All will once again be well and may God have pity on our souls.

Surviving the labyrinth of our not-so-modern super markets
by Jim Fabiano
Nov 18, 2016

After I stared blankly for a few seconds she broke my stupor by explaining turkey could be in the form of pastrami, ham, bologna, or hot dogs. Hot dogs? She asked if I wanted just turkey. “Yes!” I answered hoping the questions would come to an end. Well, she continued, how would you like it cut and what calorie variety would you like? “Yes”, I answered again noticing that the girl behind the counter just sighed and cut the amount I ordered.

Emancipation comes after Election Day. Here comes the sun.
by Jim Fabiano
Nov 10, 2016

My candidate lost. OK, as our next President stated, if he loses it was a colossal waste of time. I agree with him on this account because my wife and I have spent the last 18 months working for and hoping for the first woman to lead our nation. It didn’t happen. Now did the world come to an end?

A Generation by any other name
By Jim Fabiano
Oct 30, 2016

Then came the “Greatest Generation”. This is a term made popular by journalist Tom Brokaw to describe the generation who grew up during the Great Depression and World War II. This is the generation of my mother and father who were challenged against remarkable odds.

The big bell of retirement
By Jim Fabiano
Oct 23, 2016

On the day I retired I received a phone call congratulating me because I had just won a spot on a cruise ship that is scheduled to go around the world. All I had to do was give them every number that had anything to do with my entire life and I was destined to be a world traveler. I asked them why they thought anyone who earned retirement also became stupid? They didn’t answer and I assume went to the next retiree.

The world my grand kids are destined to inherit
by Jim Fabiano
Oct 17, 2016

The image of religion has degraded into a means of power and control. In the past, when one lost an election he or she would concede with a promise to support the winning candidate. This is not the case today. Now we have a candidate that states the only reason for a loss would be that the process is “rigged”. This is a radicalization or our electoral system. Goebbels used the Jewish people while one of our candidates uses the Muslim religion and immigration.

Lashing through the hazards of our autumn world
by Jim Fabiano
Oct. 8, 2016

Driving down my road was like driving through an intergalactic battle scene from an old “Star Wars” movie. My truck was attacked by hundreds of red, yellow, and brown leaf like star fighters that swarmed on my windshield hoping to block my vision and thus have me drive into the ditch or one of my neighbor’s mailboxes. I chose the latter.

How to tell Republicans from Democrats
by Jim Fabiano
Oct 2, 2016

It seems easy to tell who is a Republican and who is a Democratic by listening to them. You can also tell the difference by the way they dress and their mannerisms. For example, Richard Nixon was a Republican and wore shorts and wing tip shoes when he went for a stroll on the beach, whereas Bill Clinton is a Democrat and couldn’t keep his pants on in the Oval Office.

The Wizard of Trump
By Jim Fabiano
Sept 15, 2106

As a nation we should not want to be entertained by our government leaders. We want to be governed. The one reality that bothers me the most is the question of what Donald Trump is really hiding? This question could be easily answered by having Donald Trump do something every Presidential Candidate has done for decades. He could release his tax returns.

Even our gardens are mortal
by Jim Fabiano
Sept 11, 2016

During the summer months we were proud of how strong our plants looked. We waited patiently for their fruit to ripen so we could fill our family’s tables with delicious vegetables and sweet scented flowers. Like everything in everyone’s life all things change and nothing stays the same. In other words, everything is mortal.

The day our nation changed…..911
By Jim Fabiano
Sept 6, 2016

I heard one of my students exclaim, “Independence Day”. He had just spoken what they must have all been thinking. This couldn’t be real. It was never supposed to be real. We were promised that it would never be real. I just couldn’t express what I was feeling in words. I still can’t even after fifteen years has passed.

Tell me old man, why did you want to get this old
by Jim Fabiano
August 10, 2016

My mind raced into wondering whom this man was. Did he once have a loving wife and family? Did he make the mistake of living a bit too long? Was he once a successful man who enjoyed his life and never imagined he would end up in a booth by himself at a McDonalds Restaurant. I wonder how many children he had and why the hell weren’t they taking care of him.

This is the first time in my life I fear the future of my country
By Jim Fabiano
August 7, 2016

Donald Trump is an oligarch who is also a narcissist. Actually he is running a campaign like Goering ran for Hitler in the early 1930’s. In other words, he is scaring the hell out of me. He definitely has Mafia ties during his building boom ties in New York City. To say he is corrupt would be an understatement. He refuses to give his tax returns by stating he is under an audit. In reality this is no excuse because many people like Bloomberg (multi-billionaire) and Warren Buffet has stated this and will gleefully compare their tax returns that are also under audit with Donald Trumps.

These are difficult times to understand
By Jim Fabiano
July 14, 2016

My wife and I took our grandchildren to a mall the other day in Saugus, Massachusetts and I am saddened to report we both felt uncomfortable because we were the minority. What made this point even more depressing was the Afro-Americans and the Latinos that surrounded us also gave the appearance of being uncomfortable. I wonder if this feeling is coming from me because of a bias I tried my entire life to rid myself of. I am thrilled to state my grandchildren felt none of this paranoia. They talked and laughed with everyone. After awhile my beautiful cherubs showed me a world we all yearn for.

Injuries defined by an older age
by Jim Fabiano
July 6, 2016

Another 4th of July weekend has arrived and is now a thing of our past. Hannaford’s has probably sold out of Ben Gay, band-aids, Neosporin, and Advil. The Tuesday after the holiday saw little activity by those who are over 65. They are seen sitting in their beach chairs wearing white socks to hide the blisters caused by wearing sandals that were made to be worn only by people who had younger skin on their feet.

Closets contain parts of your life you don’t want to get rid of
by Jim fabiano
June 19, 2016

I found sweatshirts that had the insignia of every Boston Sports Team that ever won a championship since the mid-1970’s. The one that put the widest grin on my face was the 1986 AFC Championship game that was held in Louisiana. Actually it looked almost new because I was so impressed they won that game I didn’t want it to lose its glow. Black, gray, blue, and even gray sweatshirts were strewn in front of me. Some had insignias of teams, businesses, and school I had long since forgot.

Discovering a new found reality called retirement
by Jim Fabiano
June 17th, 2016

Anatomically speaking I understand the best time to learn new language is when one is very young. I am talking before the age of five. It has something to do with an open cerebellum and how when one gets older this part of our brain begins to close. As to why we force our students to take a foreign language when they get older and not when their cerebellums are open is another discussion all in itself.

Memories from a much more organized world
by Jim Fabiano
June 11, 2016

So, there I sat with about twelve colleagues around an oval table discussing specific strategies concerning educational issues. Everyone had their dates and times perfectly set up like ducks behind their mother. I, after scribbling some time and date on the old receipt that will surely end up in the garbage a few minutes after the meeting had ended, had a subtle smile on my face. Looking around the room at the stern looking faces on all of my colleague’s faces I knew in my mind that maybe I was the normal one and the organized many had a problem with their DNA.

The art of being politically incorrect
by Jim Fabiano
June 8, 2016

To define ‘political correctness’ is comparatively easy when you understand the two terms. The antonym is a bit more difficult. What does it mean to be ‘politically incorrect’? Does it mean to be politically wrong or erroneous about the way government is carried on? In order to comprehend this opposite philosophy one would have to define a few more terms.

A week in review according to your dishwasher
by Jim Fabiano
April 11th, 2016

There are many ways of evaluating what kind of a week you had. You could review your checkbook to see if you added or reduced your balance. Scientifically the best way of measuring the success of your week is by checking to see what’s inside your dishwasher.

I love religion but I can’t stand the religious
by Jim Fabiano
March 27, 2016

Today, we’ve become a world of people living in tribes hoping we will survive the night. Those who hold the largest sticks are comforted in the fact they represent the truth. Those who are relegated to surround the smaller and weakest of the sticks want to martyr themselves in order to destroy the comfort of the powerful.

The legacy of a stainless steel world
by jim Fabiano
March 23, 2016

The other day at school I was advised by my administration that I should keep my political views to myself. Since the present political cycle is the oddest and most interesting of my life this request will be very difficult to obey.

It took all my life to reach the status of AOP
by Jim Fabiano
March 20, 2016

“Enough!” my wife yelled, seizing her moment. “Enough of the happy curmudgeon. From now on I want you to be the grizzled old white haired balding middle aged son-of-a-bastard that I fell in love with.”

Author: R.P. BenDedek

Born in 1953 in Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia, R.P. BenDedek (pseudonym) is a divorced father of five who has been living and working in The People's Republic of China (Mainland China) since 2003. He is currently (2016) working in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

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