Love according to a box of cereal by Jim Fabiano

They all started to laugh. I guess your supposed to do that at a party of friends and family. I told them how I always know when it’s time to open a new box of cereal for breakfast. My wife has the new bowl and I have what was left out of the old box. In other words, I get the cereal dust. They laughed because they couldn’t believe my wife could treat me like that. They also couldn’t believe I would let her treat me so poorly. After they finished their laugh I told them a story.

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US-Israel relations – an American perspective by Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger

A realistic evaluation of the key elements which have shaped US-Israel relations, should not focus on the relatively secondary role – regionally and globally – played by the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Palestinian issue and domestic US politics.

The substantial amplification of the mutually-beneficial US-Israel cooperation – militarily, intelligence-wise, technologically and commercially – has been driven by Israel’s operational, innovative and industrial capabilities, regional (Middle East) and global American interests as well as the rising threat of Islamic terrorism to the US homeland security.

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INF Treaty: A Wise Withdrawal by Ed Feulner

To hear some critics describe it, the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty is a disaster in the making.

“Dangerous, destabilizing and potentially counterproductive,” in the words of John McLaughlin, deputy CIA director from 2000 to 2004. Pulling out will “cause new tensions with European allies,” The New York Times opines. Adds the Stimson Center’s Michael Krepon in Forbes: “A new arms competition now beckons.”

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The Shamrak Report January 22nd 2019

Anti-Semitic Travesty of Population Transfer

by Steven Shamrak

In 1922, the British encouraged Arab anti-Jewish riots and were quite eager to implement the transfer of Jews from Trans-Jordan, Hebron and other parts of the Palestinian Mandate, which was created for a future Jewish state, but rejected an idea, presented by a Zionist committee, of transferring Arabs to trans-Jordan.

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