Secretary Kerry’s suspension of disbelief

The term “suspension of disbelief” refers to well-intentioned subordination of documented-facts and common sense to one’s zeal and wishful-thinking: sacrificing long-term realism on the altar of oversimplification and short-term gratification and convenience.

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Pushing back the dust of our pasts in order in order to enjoy and survive our future

This is the time of year everyone seems to slow down. For the past few months all we’ve thought about was preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner and getting out to the shopping areas in order to show how much you love someone by how much you spend on them. The Christmas rush is over, the New Years Eve celebration is a hangover you want to forget, and all you have left is figure out where you are heading into the future before it happens.

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Obama: Why Are People Surprised?

For reasons beyond my comprehension, friends of the Jewish state both here and in Israel are shocked and dismayed over last Friday’s U.S. veto abstention at the UN. But hold the presses.

If Israel’s claims, which they profess to be iron clad are true, the passage of UNSC resolution 2334 is just the tip of the iceberg in the ever widening breach of American/Israeli relations. The real story may be the Obama administration orchestrated the resolution and colluded with New Zealand, and such democratic stalwarts as Malaysia, Senegal, and Venezuela to present it to the Security Council. If this proves correct it will confirm what many on the right have been saying for years, Obama is malevolent toward Israel and intends to apply this animus both here and in the UN. With only 3 weeks to go he’ll be working at break speed to make as big a mess as possible for incoming President Trump. Love him or hate him, Obama has never hidden his disdain for Israel in general, or Prime Minister Netanyahu in particular.

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Rejecting the false notion that Israel is occupier

The UN Security Council’s passage of Resolution 2334, an outrageous act of hostility personally engineered by President Obama against the State of Israel, has rightly evoked great anger across all parts of the American political spectrum.

This past summer, the Republican Party’s platform section expressing our unequivocal support for Israel, included a key statement made in anticipation of President Obama’s betrayal of our great ally: “We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier…” Given the anticipated effects of Resolution 2334, this policy statement is critical, as it represents the central tenet of what will now unquestionably be the policy of the Trump Administration and the pro-Israel community.

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The Presidential Lame Duck Backstab: The Real Obama

All over the internet right now is the issue of the US abstention on the latest UN attack on Israel. That attack of course is nothing new despite UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s statement that the organisation has a “disproportionate” volume of resolutions against Israel.

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The Shamrak Report Dec 28, 2016

The Shamrak Report is an independent weekly editorial letter published since 2001. The aim is to promote the Jewish point of view on the Arab-Israel conflict; motivate Jewish people and our true friends to uphold the ideals and aspirations of traditional Zionism. The editorial is not sponsored by or affiliated with any government, political party or organization. You may use articles and letters on your website, FaceBook etc.

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Obama’s Fitting Finish

In the list of low points in U.S. foreign policy, the betrayal of
Israel ranks high.

Barack Obama’s decision to abstain from, and therefore allow, last
week’s vote to censure Israel at the U.N. Security Council is a
fitting capstone for what’s left of his foreign policy. Strategic
half-measures, underhanded tactics and moralizing gestures have been
the president’s style from the beginning. Israelis aren’t the only
people to feel betrayed by the results.

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Obama’s self-defeating settlements policy

President Obama’s collaboration with the December 23, 2016 UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2334, which condemns Israel’s settlements policy, has defied history and reality, injuring the peace process and US national security.

While President Obama greets the Jewish people upon Chanukah, which commemorates the victory of the Maccabees in a series of heroic battles in the crux of the Land of Israel, the mountain ridges of Judea and Southern Samaria – Beth El, Beth Horon, Hadashah, Beth Zur, Ma’aleh Levona, Adora’yim, Elazar, Beit Zachariya and Ba’al Hatzor – he contends that these are “occupied lands.” When Shimon the Maccabee (who succeeded Judah and Jonathan) was confronted with such a contention, he responded: “We have not occupied a foreign land; we have not ruled a foreign land; we have liberated the land of our forefathers from foreign occupation.”

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Do you have seasonal affective disorder aka SAD?

Many people chalk up feeling blue in winter as simply a fact of cold weather and lack of sunshine. But 4 to 6 percent of people may have a winter depression which is clinically referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Another 10 to 20 percent may have mild SAD. SAD is four times more common in women than in men. Although some children and teenagers get SAD, it usually doesn’t start in people younger than age 20. Your chance of getting SAD goes down as you get older. SAD is also more common the farther north you go. For example, it’s seven times more common in Washington State than in Florida.

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The Trump Effect: From Radical Terrorist to Welcomed Guest

This article was first published in the USA at under the title:
Trump’s Holiday Gift to Americans is to Silence the Radicals

I wrote this article on December 24th 2016 and if you have ever heard of Chanukah, you might know that in 2016 it starts on Dec 24th. It is the Festival of the Miracle of Light after the Temple had been cleansed of the evils and profanity of pagan religion. December 25th of course is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus whose birth was announced to the Wise Men through the appearance of a Star – a light to guide their way. I can’t help but wonder since both of these festivals coincide this year if we might take them as a sign of God’s blessing on the coming President.

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