In Search of the Pharaoh of the Exodus

This article is just one part of a larger article published many years ago on the old KingsCalendar website (which is not that smartphone

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The Shamrak Report Nov 29, 2016

The Shamrak Report is an independent weekly editorial letter published since 2001. The aim is to promote the Jewish point of view on the Arab-Israel conflict; motivate Jewish people and our true friends to uphold the ideals

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The place where lost things go

“I have no clue what I did with my glasses.”

“For the past decade or so I’ve always put my glasses on the end table by my chair in the living room. It is a habit I have and I do it without thinking. But, one morning I reached for my glasses and

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Karen Waldrup’s version of ‘I hope you dance’ gets 10 million views

Nashville, TN (November 29, 2016) – Entrepreneurial rising star and independent artist Karen Waldrup has been building an international musical launching pad one fan at a time over the past several years through her electric crowd-commanding live

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Milton Gross Book Review: “A Little House Sampler” by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder

Taking place primarily in the hills of South Dakota and the Ozarks, using the flavor of those parts of the country, the reader is drawn into the story, which is part true and part fiction.

“A family heard it coming through the woods. They knew it was

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An open letter to President-elect Trump by John Anthony of Sustainable Freedom

Dear President-elect Trump:

Aware Americans want the federal government out of our healthcare, out of our schools and away from our property rights and community rule.

President-elect Trump, we are tired of politicians’ lies. That is why we voted you

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Darn cats : Down the Road a Piece

Somebody recently asked me what kind of cat Samantha is. “A darn cat,” I replied.

Which I think is true of most cats, at least the ones we’ve had…or the ones that have had us.

This one leaped — or fell — out of an open window two weeks ago

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How, When, where Did King Josiah Die?

This article was originally published years ago on the old website under the title The Death of King Josiah of Judah and its content derives from “Secret of Qumran” : Chapter Two.

In this article you will find

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Left and Right Hate Filled America

This article was also posted at under the title
The Latest Front in the Liberal War on America is the Electoral College

How many people were there in the world just waiting for the US Presidential election to be over and done with? The whole

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It’s time to remember the good now days

“I puked on Mommy.” This wasn’t the perfect start of a conversation with my granddaughter but it did put a smile on my face. In fact, it was the first smile I enjoyed for quite a few weeks. It’s been a tough end for 2016, in that everyone wants

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