R.P. BenDedek Review of ‘Surface Paradise’ by Allan Green

Several years ago I had the pleasure of reading some of the first draft material for ‘Surface Paradise’ by Allan Green. I had been sent a copy by Martha Stevens-David who reviewed another book by the Author titled ‘Soldier Boy.’

While the ‘Surface Paradise’ storyline is something akin to a Harlequin Romance Novel and therefore not really my cup-of-tea, I did like the writing and some particular aspects of the story, and so it was that when I received the publicity material for the published version that I requested a pdf copy for review.

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The Shamrak Report August 31, 2016

The Shamrak Report produced by Steven Shamrak presents the Jewish point of view on the Arab-Israel conflict to motivate people to support the Jewish National independence movement, Zionism! You may use articles and letters on your website, FaceBook etc.(Comments in italics are made by Steven Shamrak)

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Milt Gross Book Review: “Fearless Fourteen” by Janet Ivanovich

Compared to the last novel I read, The Virginian, this one was fast and easy. The Virginian is an old novel and reads like it. The language was complicated and beyond what many of today’s readers can grasp.

But Fearless Fourteen was easy and fast. And it had a fair amount of humor snuck in, which from me produced a chuckle now and then. But I found in this novel that at about the middle things slowed down and became somewhat complicated.

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Israel’s economic growth and global integration

Straight from the Jerusalem Boardroom #214

1. China’s telecommunications conglomerate, Xinwei, is acquiring Israel’s satellite operator, SpaceCom, for $285MN. In 2015, Chinese companies invested about $500MN in Israeli companies. Israel’s trade balance with China is $11BN (10% of Israel’s overall trade balance), doubling the trade balance in 2010, far from the $50MN in 1990. Chinese companies are pushing deeper and further into Israel than ever before, and Israeli companies and government officials are returning the embrace. China is increasingly targeting Israeli general technology, agro-technology and irrigation with private and government money. In 2015, China’s Bright Food bought control of Israel’s Tnuva for $2BN, and in 2011 China’s National Chemical Corp. acquired Israel’s Adama, a pesticides and crop protection company, for $2.4BN. Taiwan’s General Mobile Corporation acquired MassiveImpact, an Israeli Ad Technology company, for tens of millions of dollars.

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Trail on an old railroad bed : Down the Road a Piece

The other day we enjoyed a nice walk along a trail outside of Belfast, the trail created from the route of the old Belfast and Moosehead Railroad. If you drive a few miles farther west, you come to the railroad itself, cars, engines, signs, the whole deal.

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Checking the National “Dashboard”

You know those polls where they ask people if the country is heading in the right direction? One problem with that question is that it lacks context or detail. What makes us say yes or no? It’s generally a gut reaction that often has little to do with any actual evidence.

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My Narrow-minded Attitude

I am sometimes criticised for covering only one subject in my (Shamrak Report) editorial letters, namely the Middle East conflict in general, and the right of the Jews to live in peace on their ancestral land in particular. My critics are quite right! I can’t help it. I am passionate about the rights of my people.

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HUD Moves to Dictate Classroom Diversity

(In a bold move, HUD partnered with the Departments of Transportation and Education to create a massive alteration in the way children experience school. The program is designed to help low-income families grow financially. Instead, it accomplishes something different.)

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For the sake of peace – Sovereignty now

Almost 50 years have passed since we returned to the ancient parts of the Land of Israel, the cradle of the Jewish People, but we have not yet determined its legal status. The Land of Israel is tired of being the State of Israel’s “mistress”. The time has come for the children who were born into this situation, of communities and outposts, will also become legitimate children. This situation does no honor to Israel.

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The Real State of American Politics

This article was first published at iPatriot.com under the title: What is the Biggest Threat Faced by the USA?

I sometimes think that I live in a very negative, perhaps even fatalistic world which seems to thrive on fear or at least fear mongering. Jesus’ return and the accompanying end to world history is constantly being touted and then revised; asteroids are constantly threatening to end us in a dust cloud next year; foreign countries are constantly seeking ways to destroy us and let’s not forget those fanatical members of the religion of peace who not only threaten us with destruction but frequently accompany those threats with deadly acts.

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