R.P. BenDedek (Pseudonym) lived and worked in China from 2003 to 2017 and is seen here freezing his butt off on the Great Wall.


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The boring background history:

KingsCalendar.com was originally created to showcase R.P. BenDedek’s published research into the chronology of Ancient Israel. By 2011 it had already become a Writer’s Journal. At the top of the page in the column on the right (underneath the covers of my two books which you are welcome to buy) are listed the latest five articles to have been published and further down you can see the archive section containing all articles published since the creation of this new site.

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In 2004 R.P. BenDedek became a columnist at Magic City Morning Star in Maine USA, and then from 2009 to 2016 was the Editor. In 2016 he become a contributor at iPatriot.com. In late 2016 he made his Facebook page public.

One of the first feature sections created at KingsCalendar was the Stories from China section which now contains about two hundred photographic articles, most of which were written by R.P. BenDedek who moved to China in 2003 to teach conversational English (Feb 2003 to August 2017)

In August of 2016 he published his second book titled ‘Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story.’ It is only available in a PDF Download because as a non-fiction story it has been impossible to get it independently published. Excerpts are available.Finding-china-Cover-HBK9

The Original KingsCalendar Website

The original purpose of KingsCalendar.com was to showcase the results of R.P. BenDedek’s chronological research into the history of ancient Israel. Those results were titled ‘The King’s Calendar: The Secret of Qumran.’ You can click this link to go to the Chapter Precis page to gain a better understanding of that research.

In 2004 BenDedek began writing articles about his research and created a variety of sections in which to house them. These sections were named “Academic Articles”; “Rules of Evidence in Archaeology”; “Seder Olam Rabbah”; “Extra Free Glimpses”; “Josephus” and “Wikipedia.”

‘The Kings Calendar: The Secret of Qumran’ Research

For a very long time now, Academics have claimed that the chronological data contained in Biblical Books is confused, misleading or just plain wrong. Many people who subscribe to the erroneous notion that Bible Chronology is ‘infallible’ need to go to great and sometimes convoluted lengths to prove their ideas.

BenDedek’s Research demonstrates that the chronological data provided in the Bible is correct, but that Academics have failed to understand the ‘artificial’ nature of the data. (This is explained in the ‘PROBLEM’ section further down).

The Research Results are demonstrated via a computer generated mathematical synchronous chronological reconstruction of the Divided Kingdom Period in the History of Ancient Israel (Appendix 5). Chapters One to Four and various appendices freely provide readers with all the necessary information and tools to scientifically test the results of this research for themselves before purchasing the ‘download’ book. The King’s Calendar operates on three fundamental premises.

  1. The chronological records contained in the Bible are Artificial. (What is the King’s Calendar?)
  1. That the Old Testament records are a reliable and trustworthy History of Israel. (Biblical Infallibility)
  1. That the Mosaic Exodus was a 15th Century BCE / 18th Egyptian Dynasty event. (Ancient Egypt)

Assumptions and Limitations.

  1. Methodology for the Computerised Generation of the King’s Calendar
  1. King’s Calendar Assumptions and Limitations
  1. Bible Skepticism
  1. The Septuagint and Masoretic Texts

Introduction to King’s Calendar Research Results:

It is the stated aim of this work to demonstrate that the chronological History of Israel and Judah, as is set forth principally in the books of Kings and Chronicles, is a true, accurate and legitimate history.

The most perplexing problem, not only for the lay person, but for historians as well, in understanding that history, is the matter of the “chronological synchronisms” found there.

When one attempts to reconstruct Jewish history, the Biblical data appears not only to be excessive of what is believed to be ‘true history,’ but as well, seems at times to be self conflicting. For this reason, the biblical chronological data has never been ‘treated seriously’ by academics. Their conclusion is that it is painfully obvious that the Biblical data has been communicated to us in a contaminated form, and that it therefore can be manipulated whenever and wherever in history that one wishes.

But yet, from what we know of the historical process of the transmission of biblical documents, serious contamination of the data ought not to be a possibility, for to all intents and purposes, the Biblical records have been painstakingly reproduced time and again, with the utmost care and accuracy. Why then are we unable to synchronise the biblical chronological history, with the ‘facts and evidence’ of archaeological history?

The answer is simple, yet polemical. To some it will be a blasphemy, to others an absurdity. The contents of this book however will nonetheless demonstrate it to be true. The reason we have failed, is that biblical chronological history was not recorded using a standard recording methodology.

Logic tell us that if the Bible ought to be correct and the details as presented appear not to be correct, then obviously we have failed to understand ‘how it was recorded.’ That ‘simple’ recording process remained a closely guarded secret. The technique was very simple and originated in an ancient Sectarian Jewish belief that the solar year was comprised of 364 days. These years were then artificially divided into periods of seven (7) day weeks, four (4) week months, and twelve (12) month years. Each year created then totaled only 336 days, effectively creating a thirteenth spare year for every Twelve solar year period.

The purpose of this book is to reconstruct an accurate solar history of the Jews by presenting the biblical chronological synchronisms in the fashion in which they were created. The ‘King’s Calendar’ aim is to rationally examine Jewish Chronological History from the perspective that the details in the Bible are basically correct.

In today’s ‘modern’ world, we all far too readily ‘follow the experts.’ Investigating evidence ourselves and questioning whether or not the ‘experts’ deserve to be followed, or are even correct, is something we rarely do, but to quote Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim:

“The Rishonim hold that merely accepting what the Rabbis say without striving to understand with our minds is the furthest thing from the truth. Judaism is based on knowledge. An honest approach which demands conviction – an attitude which can only be reached by clear, rational arguments as exemplified by the Tanaim and Amoraim, the doctors of the Talmud.” [MESORA]

The ‘King’s Calendar,’ which represents 10 years of research into Biblical Synchronous Chronology, aims to do just what the Rabbi says; to clearly and rationally examine the matter in an attempt to understand for ‘ourselves’ the truth of the matter which so many ‘experts’ deny; that the Biblical Chronological Details are correct.

The Problem:

Whilst Bible Chronology for the Divided Kingdom of Israel presents itself to be synchronous, it often does not appear not to be so and exceeds the time frame which is historically available. It is the hypothesis of this research that the Jubilee Calendar of the Essenes which measures 364 days per year, was artificially divided into thirteen months (13) of four (4) weeks of seven (7) days, with the thirteenth month being ‘carried over’ so to speak, so that every twelve (12) solar years, an extra year (13th) is created. By this process real Jewish history was extended.

Biblical Synchronisms from this perspective, do actually synchronise, and this will be demonstrated.

Two academic complaints laid against the ‘King’s Calendar’ at this point in time maintain that no proof has been offered to demonstrate that it was in fact the Dead Sea Sect (Essenes, Proto-Essenes, Hasidim, or whatever name you attach) that created this calendar or that they inserted it into their history. That however is not the purpose of this book.

This book demonstrates the effectiveness of using a 336 day period for each ‘YEAR’ mentioned in Scripture and that the Synchronous Chronology of the Divided Kingdom as presented in the Bible is correct. We simply have never been able to see it before. Note also that in the process, the Chronology of Josephus, which up till now has also been considered to be completely unreliable, has been demonstrated to be both understandable and reliable.

This Book opens with a brief discussion of the Dead Sea Sect, Qumran, Scriptural Transmission, The Essenes and the Teacher of Righteousness ONIAS III as an introduction to Chapters Two and Three, The Biblical Apologetics for this work.

Religious and Secular Academics have been chasing their tails for over a century without getting any closer to ‘solving’ anything about Biblical Chronology. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate that the problem has been solved. Here it is! It is Mathematical, it is demonstrable, it aligns with history, it answers lots of niggling questions, and finally, it gives the average person some reliable understanding of the historicity of the Bible.

There is nothing in the research which contradicts any proven fact that currently appears in the history books. Note however that Chapters Two and Three are very difficult chapters since they are apologetic in nature.

Regular readers should first read Chapters One and Four before attempting the others. They should also look at Appendices 5 and 13, where they might see both the results of this work and the Scriptural references used.

  • To proceed to ‘Research Proposal’ Appendix Two.
  • To proceed to Chapter One, “The Dead Sea Scrolls.”
  • To proceed to Appendix Five, Synchronous Chronological Reconstruction Chart 936 BCE – 586 BCE.
  • ‘Secret of Qumran’ Prologue